Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peet's Art Show

Do you ever find yourself thinking nothing original/creative/artistic is happening in Orange County? Well, how wrong you are! Sure, the urban sprawl with its model homes in four repeating patterns may have led you to believe that all remaining creativity is used to strategically plan new commercial plazas where you can get a latte, go grocery shopping, paint pottery, get a manicure, have Fido neutered, find a model ship to display on the mantle, and buy a gourmet cupcake all on one giant street corner-- but if you bought into that thought, you're sadly mistaken.
There's a lot of creativity in Orange County! One way we try to (gently) remind you of this is by including an art feature every month in The Gazette magazine. We let you know about cool local painters, photographers, collectors, movie-makers, and musicians every single month. Orange County loves art: from the galleries of Laguna Beach to the independent art houses of Fullerton (shout out to Hibbleton Gallery!), OC is artsy.

In promoting all things art-related in Orange County, we've made some friends with similar interests. Peet's Coffee has become a wonderful friend; like The Gazette, Peet's is enthusiastic about celebrating community- from hosting open mic nights to holding art shows where local artists are invited to share what they're working on. You may remember my post a week or so ago to announce an upcoming show, and I'm happy to let you know that the show was a swinging success.
As promised, Chad Cheverier was in attendance, with photographs on display. We're hoping to get him involved somehow or another in an upcoming issue of The Gazette (you may remember his awesome photos in the September issue?)...

The place was quite comfortably packed, and I had fun chatting with artists and art-enthusiasts while sipping away at a Scharffenberger hot cocoa,

a local band played a few tunes,

Also displaying work was photographer Shannon Leith, who has been known to shoot a Gazette cover every now and again. We think she's just the bee's knees.

If you missed it, don't worry! Peet's hosts music and art nights every month or two; just keep checking back here for announcements regarding upcoming shows!
A big thank you to Annie for sending us these photos!


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