Friday, May 29, 2009

Things To Do This Weekend in The OC

For the Fam: Transformers will be showing at the Great Park in Irvine for free! This Saturday at 8:00, grab a blanket and some beach chairs, pack some snacks, throw the family in the car, and head to the Great Park.

For the Crooners: George Benson, jazz guitarist and singer, pays tribute to the great crooner Nat King Cole. Benson is a 10-time Grammy winner, so the show is bound to entertain. Show will be on Saturday at 8:00 visit

For The Lakers Fans:
It's Game 6! Kobe and the Lakeshow can take this one home if Lamar and Bynum keep playing like they have been and if the bench steps up. We're looking for a repeat of Shannon Brown's dunk on the Bird Man. So head to your favorite watering hole, grab some dinner and root for the home team!

For the Rockers: Ignite with Chaser and Sederra are playing the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa if you wanna see some local boys. It starts at 8:00 tonight.
Animal Collective are also playing the Wiltern if you fancy a grid-locked crawl up to LA. Collective goes on at 9:00.

For the Jokesters: Dane Cook is coming to the Staples Center on his new tour, 8:00 this Saturday. Let's hope it's more like Vicious Circle, and less like his last.

On my iPod right now: Bush's Glycerine

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The OC Gazette At Doheny Blues

The King and all his men invaded Doheny State Beach this weekend, and Orange County natives willingly surrendered to his soulful guitar like rats to the pied piper. King of the Blues, B.B. King along with his army of blues masters were everything we had all hoped for and more. The young and old danced together, and for this one weekend, we were all as one, singing together to the music. Look for's review of the show in the upcoming issue of The Gazette hitting homes and stands next week!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bullstock is Back

Who said youth was wasted on the young? Following is a press release sent to us from young gun and Kevin Coss who is organizing this years Bullstock Concert, the Woodstock of Lake Forest.

El Toro High School’s 14th Annual “Bullstock” Concert, featuring 8 up-and-coming local garage bands, will be held in the school’s Charger Hall on Friday, May 22, from 6:00 to 11:00 pm. Tickets will be available at the door for just $5.00 per person, with all proceeds benefiting the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Bullstock was created in 1996 as a benefit concert. Over the years the students have raised over $8,000 for a variety of causes. This year the students organizing the event felt strongly that the concert should benefit the local community.

“With so many families really hurting right now, including the families of some of our friends here at school, we know that the local food banks are facing unusually high demand,” explains event Co-Chair Kevin Coss. “Our goal is to raise over $800, so we can do our part to alleviate hunger here in Orange County.”

The annual Bullstock concert is a chance for students and community members to enjoy great talent at an affordable price. Organized by the school’s Music Appreciation Club, the concert features bands whose members have ties to the school. Many of the bands showcased have also played at other local concert venues, including the Whisky A Go Go, Hogue Barmichael’s, and Chain Reaction. Fans are encouraged to wear their band t-shirts, and a variety of shirts are expected to be available for sale at the event.

Bands will include Treefish, Madrost, Sterling Heart, The Standard Affiliates, Armageddon, Dismissed, J.T. Rutecki, and S.M.

For more info visit their facebook page.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bikini Fashion Show and Beach Bingo

Check out this fun event posted by our friend Erin from, The Beach Blanket Bingo & Bikini Fashion Show. Christy Pacella (owner of Black Flamingo Boutique) and Morgan Gilman have teamed up to start Black Feather Productions, an event planning/production company that will be putting on the event that will benefit the Mauli Ola foundation. For more information including pricing, dates, and times, visit Erin's website. Sponsors include Black Feather Productions, Quicksilver, Electric Sunglasses, Pure Indulgence, Hotel Renaissance, and more!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Observations on Last Nights Game

The Lakers are Orange County's team. Sure not technically, but on Tuesday, everywhere I went I was met with Lakers bumper stickers, flags, and jerseys. So here are some of my completely amatuer opinions and notes on last nights game for your entertainment:

1. Bynum is back. Praise the Lord! Scoring the first 6 of the game, he got the game started off right.

2. Odom is back. That was quite a scare. My back hurt after seeing that fall.

3. I love Trevor Ariza. The Theif had 3 steals and as always put his little heart and soul into every play.

4. I love Shannon Brown. For the same reason I love Ariza: He's got energy and heart, not to mention he's insanely athletic. (See Figure 1, See Figure 2)

5. Phil Jackson became the first coach to reach 200 wins in the postseason.

6. The Houston Rockets tied a franchise record for largest loss in a playoff game.

7. Seven Lakers scored in double digits: Kobe Bryant (26), Pau Gasol (16), Andrew Bynum (14), Trevor Ariza (13), Jordan Farmar (12), Lamar Odom (10), and Josh Powll (10)

8. Every Laker scored.

9. Kobe didn't even have to be "The Closer" last night.

10. There are some long lost twins in this series
[Example 1] The loveable Serbian Sasha Vujacic and his long lonst twin brother Luis Scola... one of them got a little more in the looks category in my humble opinion. [Example 2] The young and talented Shannon Brown and Kyle Lowry

11. Aaron Brooks looked like Colonal Sanders. Maybe he can shoot, but somebody needs to submit him as a specimen on What Not To Wear
12. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea played the national anthem to open the game- I knew right then it was going to be a good game. Who isn't pumped and motivated after that?

13. Lebron James is amazine, but Kobe Bryant will always be MVP in my heart.

Disclaimer: All of the aforementioned opinions are mine, and not the OC Gazette's as a whole. But tell me what you think of yesterdays game!

On my iPod: The Beatles' Helter Skelter

Monday, May 11, 2009

Been a long time since I rock and rolled

As we told you guys on Friday, we headed down to the Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest for some good company and great music. We are ashamed to admit to you that it's been a long time since we've gone to a show. Our entertainment columnists Jill and Gary would be appalled to know the last time we've been, seeing as they go to at least one show a week. So we went to the Gypsy Lounge on Friday night, searching to fill our aching hunger for rock. Little did we know we'd get a thanksgiving dinner. First up was Deccatree with their wonderful, wandering, catchy melodies reminiscent of the 90's [The guy on keys reminded us a little of Scott Weiland, by the way]. [Our favorite song: Tie between Tears and Belong]. Then came the reincarnation of Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin in the second band The Rival Sons. The guitar lines rivaled the beautiful almost growl of Jay Buchanan on lead vocals, while the bass and drums drove the set and energy on. [Our favorite song: Tell Me Something]. And to finish off the trifecta of rock perfection, on came Wonderlove, part of which was made up of the keyboardist and drummer of Deccatree, back from their hiatus and back in action with foot-stomping, danceable, rock that had the whole place moving. [Our favorite song: Beautiful]. After the show, the bands and fans stuck around out back for hotdogs [courtesy of master griller and John Bach], drinks, and good conversation. We left happy and full, in more ways than one.

On our iPod: Neko Case's The Next Time You Say Forever

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Friday Night At The Gypsy Lounge

One of the greatest venues in Orange County, in our humble opinions, is the Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest. It's personal with a bohemial feel, and there is no shortage of great OC bands on the monthly bill. This Friday we're going to head out there to see Wonderlove, The Rival Sons (featuring Jay Buchanan), and Deccatree, three great Southern California bands from around L.A. and Long Beach. It should be a good ol' fashioned rock show. So if you 21 or over, head down to check out the show, and say hello if you see us there!

Admission: $6-$8
Location: 23600 Rockfield #3A
Lake Forest, CA 92630
First band goes on at: 9:00

[the guys from The Rival Sons]
currently on our iPod: Donovan Frankenreiter's These Arms

Monday, May 4, 2009

From Canada To The California Coast

[fig 1] Denise, Richard, and Anna - OC Gazette Fans

Thank you Lauren Conrad and Seth Cohen. Because of shows like "The O.C." and "Laguna Beach", people everywhere got a glimpse into our sun-tanned Orange County world, and everyone wants to be a part of it! Even our northern neighbors in Canada. Over the weekend we received an email from Marvin and Anna Smith (from San Juan Capistrano), and their visitors Denise and Richard Zanatta (from Canada) [see fig. 1] telling us how much they loved The OC Gazette, this months cover story, and all the local coverage. So we'd like to thank Denise, Richard, Marvin, and Anna for making what we do worth while!

On our ipod: Social Distortion's Highway 101
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