Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Issue Out Now

"The waiting is the hardest part." Well folks, the waiting is over; the newest issue of The Gazette is here and it's our best yet! I know, I know... everyone says that. But seriously, it is. We got exclusive interviews with Henry Winkler (a.k.a. The Fonz) about his latest book (picture 2), the local artists that helped bring Where The Wild Things Are to the big screen under the fearless leadership of Spike Jonz (picture 1), and with OC rockers the Cold War Kids who are taking the music world by storm (picture 5). If that's not enough we are also bringing you live, front row coverage of some of the greatest rockers of all time (with some of the greatest folical fortitude), ZZ Top. Jill and Gary of were front and center at Top's House of Blues Anaheim show, and they've got every beat and every note covered (picture 4). Also in this issue we will introduce you to Janet Lojeski, a Laguna Niguel native, health insurance broker, and the woman you wish you could call your grandmother she's so sweet and caring (picture 3). Janet shares with The Gazette magazine her novel approach at health care: Creating relationships of trust, and actually helping people get what they need. And if that still wasn't enough we've got the history and mystery behind The Queen Mary, a list of 11 Fashion Do's and Dont's, our monthly design column by HGTV celebrity designer Kelli Ellis, how the DSAOC is lending a hand, your local events calendar and MORE!

So head over to our and check out our rack locations to pick up your copy today!


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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tomorrow Night at Peet's

Peet's Coffee in Lake Forest (on El Toro and Arbor, just East of the 5 freeway) is having an art show tomorrow night, and you won't want to miss it! This event is sure to draw in members of the community of all ages! Join us for food, coffee tastings, and lots of cool art!


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Monday, September 28, 2009

Our 1st Hockey Game

Last night some of The Gazette staff were treated royally to our first office-outing at a preseason hockey game. There was smoke, fog horns, possibly Canadians, a blaze of lights, fans braving sweaters in 90 degree weather, a plethora of jerseys, plastic mugs of hot chocolate and elated fist-pumping-dancing-for-the-cam Ducks and Kings fans. I was so excited that within the first 30 seconds of the first period I screamed into Amy's ear at shrill, glass-breaking decibels. There's nothing like a night filled with good company, good food and men with sticks slamming each other into plexiglas. AND, the DUCKS won 5-4! Unfortunately for some, no official fights broke out, but there's a whole season on the horizon.

(pictured left to right: Jessica, Amy, Sara)

Be sure to check them out this Saturday, September 3rd, opening night against the San Jose Sharks. Amy recommends renting Miracle to get pumped for the season! Thank you, thank you to Carlos at Freedom Printing for a wonderfully fun evening!

(pictured left to right: Blythe, Amy, Sara)

- Sara

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Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm Bringing Weekends Back: How The Gazette Can Save Your Weekend

Remember TGIF? No one had to ask, "What are you doing this weekend?," because everyone already knew what they were doing: going home, microwaving some popcorn, and finally plopping down on the couch for 4 hours of quality television entertainment. The line up: Full House, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, and then the cursed 10pm spot that seemed to change monthly (remember Teen Angel?). That Cory Matthews and his post-pubescent problems - wasn't he a laugh? Nowadays we don't have that luxury. Hours of planning with friends, phone-tag with every contact in your address book, a couple of tense exchanges of words and a few flow charts later and all you've got to show for it is a mediocre plan for your Friday night and a potential divorce with your BFF on your hands.

Well it just so happens that this weekend, The Gazette Design Team, under a rare turn of events, has a slew of exciting events - one of which is sure to grab your attention.

1. Friday - The Shys at The OC Tavern: To all of you who read my post a few weeks ago about their acoustic set, it's no secret by now that I love these guys. It's rock and roll in it's purest, grittiest, form, like a diamond before it's milled into cookie cutter perfection. The thing I dislike about pop in general (some pop excluded) is that over-produced sound. No one likes perfection. Think back to that girl in highschool. You know - the pretty, nice, popular,smart, AND athletic one? We all knew we had no reason to hate her. I mean, she really was nice. But perfection like that is just annoying. Which is why I love The Shys - shrieks, growls, strained notes and all - they embody an energy and emotion that makes them SO much more amazing than sugarcoated perfection. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you just need to experience it, because that's what it is - an experience.

2. Saturday - Angels vs. Oakland A's: AL West Coast Champs anyone!? Watch the Angels take on our neighbors to the north. The Angels have some of the most reasonable ticket prices in all of baseball - which is good for us since everyone's trying to save pennies these days. You can get seats as cheap as 5 bucks - and they're really close to the fireworks if not home plate.

3. Sunday - Anaheim Ducks vs. The Kings: We will definitely be here enjoying a plush suite thanks to one of our favorite business partners, Carlos, who was so gracious to give them to us. I haven't been to a hockey game since my days as a youngster in Syracuse, NY when we used to go to see the Crunchmen play every week. I haven't seen a fight in a long time so now's my chance! I think I'll bust out my Mighty Ducks movies, with a young Joshua Jackson and Emelio Estevez, to get excited. Nothing gets me pumped up like an inspirational Disney sports flick!

So put away your fists, give your texting thumbs a break and consider these options before you and your bestie end up the next guests on Tyra's "How I lost my Best Friend to Friday Night Plans" show. Say hi if you see us there!

- Amy

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

3 more shameless endorsements from me to you, OC

It's about that time again... Time for another shameless endorsement. Actually, 3 more shameless endorsements. Note: these endorsements are shameless because [1] we have tried them out for ourselves and know first-hand that these people are awesome, and [2] there are no 4 installments of $49.99 involved. So I'll play Tony Little for the day and give you the high-intensity, sparkly-smile, thumbs-up laden spiel on some of our favorite gigs right now:

Shameless Endorsement #1: Memories of Me Photography. Gail Simmons is a friendly, talented and completely affordable modern photographer who takes the most amazing photos. She's especially good with kids. Just check out her website. Our publisher got his daughter's portraits taken by her, and they turned out so great. Best part (besides talent) about Gail, is her economy-proof prices. Here's just some of her deals right now
[a] 2 for 1 sittings. Buy one photo portrait sitting, and get a second one free for a total of $99. You wont find a gig that good at Sears. So get the kids' pics done early for Christmas.
[b] Sittings with Santa. Does the mall Santa scare your kids? Does the 2 hour Mall Santa Line scare you? Gail is arranging 15 min, one on one sittings with Santa at her studio. Tons of great shots, a disc with all the pics on it, all for only $59 bucks.
[c] portrait session photo books. They're hardcover, bound, pretty, and personal. Mass mail them to fam at christmas and your shopping woes of what to get Aunt Patty and Great Granny Ethel are over. No panic attacks this year.

Speaking of panic Attacks, no need to worry, the new Gazette is coming out soon...sometime early next week. Which leads me to Shameless Endorsement #2: our magazine. The Gazette. It's interesting (at least to us), it's local, it's about things you see and do everyday, it can be used as a handy fly swatter when rolled up, and it's free. So pick one up at a stand near you or email us and we'll send you a copy! This upcoming month has interviews with The Cold War Kids, The Fonz, and the artists and cinematographer behind the new feature film Where the Wild Things Are.

Which leads me to Shameless Endorsement #3: Iced Pumpkin Lattes from Peet's Coffee and those who make and serve them with a smile. How else would we be able to make it through press week? Special thanks specifically to the branch in Lake Forest and the lovely attendants there. You make my mornings.


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Surfboards In The Sand

This past Saturday I headed down to the Huntington Beach Pier with my dear friend, photographer Janet Wood, to witness the taking of an epic surf photo, a record-breaking group shot (see her awesome photos below). The Rip Curl sponsored event was attended by over 1,000 people; many of which carried their boards down onto the beach to be part of a wildly unique, historic photograph that will be printed in an upcoming issue of Transworld Surf Magazine. Proceeds benefited the Surfrider Foundation and Orange County Coastkeeper. We had such a blast watching local surfers, along with special guests like Peter "PT" Townend (Pro Surfing's First World Champ) take cues from photographers (one on a crane, one on the pier and one airborne, shooting from a helicopter in the sky) as they shuffled back and forth in the sand, posing and standing proudly next to their sacred surfboards. The entertainment included local Orange County band The Wheeland Brothers whose unforgettable 'acoustic beach rock and ukelele hiphop' had us gals grinning ear to ear (okay, we know them, but they really do know how to show the audience a good time). Their cover of Sugar Ray's "Fly" is just that, so fly... All in all it was a picturesque and amusing day. Stay classy Orange County. Yep, I just did that.

- Sara

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sit on it, OC

On Saturday, September 12th, The Gazette attended the Mission Viejo Readers Festival. The Festival took place on the Village Green, Oso Viejo Park, and the Norman Murray Community Center in Mission Viejo. The event featured some award winning authors, including the legendary Henry Winkler (aka The Fonz).

Amy and I with Henry:

Surprisingly enough, some people don't seem to know who The Fonz was/is. It's been a few decades since his ten-year spree on Happy Days, but for many of us, his legacy lives on.
You know how everyone jokes about Chuck Norris being a sort of demigod nowadays? Well, Henry Winkler was the original Chuck Norris. There could (and should) be a tall tale about how Henry Winkler pulled a rib off his body and molded it into Chuck Norris, and then taught him everything he knows (including how to do those earthquake-making push-ups).

Henry Winkler was at the Readers Festival because, on top of his Fonz-status, producing McGyver, and appearing in several movies and television shows (including Scream, The Water Boy, Arrested Development, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show), he has also authored a 17-book best-selling series of children's novels entitled Hank Zipzer: The World's Most Amazing Under Achiever. He graciously did a meet and greet with adoring fans, a book signing, took interviews, and gave an inspiring 30 minute talk to about 500 eager listeners.

In just a few days, you'll be able to read more about our exclusive interview with Henry Winkler in the October issue of The Gazette. Be sure to grab a copy when it hits the racks next week! In the meantime, check out this little gem we found:


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Green Feast

Last Saturday, The Gazette was invited to The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano to get a glimpse at the center's charity event, The Green Feast.
Around 300 guests in attendance were led to an enormously long (and stunningly beautiful) table situated in the middle of the field, and served a gourmet meal prepared by local chefs. Chef Richard Mead of Sage Restaurant showcased locally grown, organic, and natural vegetables and meats. Also "backstage" were David Biber of Two Guys Grilling, Chef John Rivera Sedlar (of Rivera Restaurant), other local chefs, and dozens of volunteers.

The Ecology Center is located in San Juan Capistrano at South Coast Farms. With the support of local volunteers and the City of San Juan Capistrano, Evan Marks founded the nonprofit organization as an effort to inspire the people in the stewardship of Southern California's environment by providing education in sustainability, ecological design, and the history of San Juan Capistrano.

Visit the website for more information about The Ecology Center's story and upcoming events. The on-site Resource Center offers a library and bookstore, green household products and tools, green living resources, and access to EcoDirectory (a listing of local ecological businesses).


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You're The Inspiration

The Rolling Stones looked to Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, The Beatles looked to Buddy Holly and Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan looked to Woodie Guthrie and Robert Burns, Morrissey looked to Patti Smith and The New York Dolls. Behind every great artist are other great artists. I am still but a humble graphic designer trying to find my way and place in this crazy world of art and design - so to guide me on this winding road I look to the greats that have gone before me. Aesthetic Apparatus is one of those greats. I visit their sight monthly, if not weekly, to peruse the plethora of eye pleasing posters and to curse the 'powers that be' that I didn't come up with them myself. Here are a few examples - prepare to have your creative juices implode.

Poster for The Dead Weather

Poster for The Submarines

Poster for Grizzly Bear

Poster for Spoon (This one is hanging on my wall in front of me)

Poster for The Clash Tribute Concert

Poster for Low

There are so many more awesome ones, but this is probably already going to be a giant hairball in the metaphorical drain that is our blog. So at the risk of making our blog so slow in loading no one reads it, you'll just have to visit for more.


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P.S. I am brainstorming a send off for my blogs. Like "Goodnight and Good Luck" or "Stay Classy San Diego", but something my own. I will be taking suggestions at or just post your ideas here!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Shys Acoustic

Kyle Krone and Chris Wulff of local San Clemente band, The Shys, will be playing an acoustic set this Saturday night at Cafe Mimosa in their hometown. Acoustic sets are the best. They're kind of like dating. You meet someone with your friends in a big group setting. They're cute, they're funny, they wear great shoes (shoes say a lot about a person you know). You kind of flirt a little, test the waters to see if they're interested, make some googly eyes, but you can't really get that close because unwritten social rules require that you acknowledge the existence of the other 10 people in the group. But then you secure the date. It's nothing but you and them - and the intermittent waiter - for anywhere from 2-5 hours (depending on your success), up close and personal with nothing but yourself to recommend you. This is where the rubber meets the road. It's a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Same scenario with the acoustic set. You see a band. They're fun, they're exciting, it's love at first sight. But can they connect on a deeper level? Do they have commitment issues? Do they come with baggage? The acoustic set is the first date where you get to fish for this information. The rip roaring growls, gritty electric guitars, driving drum beats, and psychedelic organ that characterize The Shys as a whole will all be left behind, and all that will remain is a guitar and a voice, and you. So rummage through your closet for that hot-but-not-trying-too-hard outfit, brush those pearly whites (dating 101: bad breath is a turn-off), give yourself a good once over in the mirror, and head over to Cafe Mimosa tomorrow night!

- Amy

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

back to the books

It's that time of the year again. The time when office supply stores, shopping malls, and local libraries experience an onslaught of back-to-schoolers and their guardians on the hunt for notebook paper value-packs, the latest and trendiest shoes, and the titles on their lists of required reading.

I'm personally a big fan of this time of year, and am happy to call myself a returning student. I recently began an MA program at Cal State Fullerton, and blithely made a check list of back-to-school to-do's. Fresh, college-ruled paper and Pilot Gel ink pens make a heavenly combination, in my eyes. There's something about the way the ink glides onto the paper; even taking notes can become magical. I realize that not all people share the same love of office supplies as I do, but I think everyone will admit that there's something in the air this time of year; the hustle and bustle of backpacks, teachers, and school buses stirs up a sense of change. In many ways, and to many people, September is the first month of the year, not January.

So, whether you're a parent to a kindergartner, a high school senior, or a graduate student like myself, happy September! Hope it's a productive, joyous year for all of us.

"I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."
(Tom Hanks in
You've Got Mail)


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