Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Observations on Last Nights Game

The Lakers are Orange County's team. Sure not technically, but on Tuesday, everywhere I went I was met with Lakers bumper stickers, flags, and jerseys. So here are some of my completely amatuer opinions and notes on last nights game for your entertainment:

1. Bynum is back. Praise the Lord! Scoring the first 6 of the game, he got the game started off right.

2. Odom is back. That was quite a scare. My back hurt after seeing that fall.

3. I love Trevor Ariza. The Theif had 3 steals and as always put his little heart and soul into every play.

4. I love Shannon Brown. For the same reason I love Ariza: He's got energy and heart, not to mention he's insanely athletic. (See Figure 1, See Figure 2)

5. Phil Jackson became the first coach to reach 200 wins in the postseason.

6. The Houston Rockets tied a franchise record for largest loss in a playoff game.

7. Seven Lakers scored in double digits: Kobe Bryant (26), Pau Gasol (16), Andrew Bynum (14), Trevor Ariza (13), Jordan Farmar (12), Lamar Odom (10), and Josh Powll (10)

8. Every Laker scored.

9. Kobe didn't even have to be "The Closer" last night.

10. There are some long lost twins in this series
[Example 1] The loveable Serbian Sasha Vujacic and his long lonst twin brother Luis Scola... one of them got a little more in the looks category in my humble opinion. [Example 2] The young and talented Shannon Brown and Kyle Lowry

11. Aaron Brooks looked like Colonal Sanders. Maybe he can shoot, but somebody needs to submit him as a specimen on What Not To Wear
12. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea played the national anthem to open the game- I knew right then it was going to be a good game. Who isn't pumped and motivated after that?

13. Lebron James is amazine, but Kobe Bryant will always be MVP in my heart.

Disclaimer: All of the aforementioned opinions are mine, and not the OC Gazette's as a whole. But tell me what you think of yesterdays game!

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