Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arts and Crafts Time

Blythe and I went for a second coffee run today after a mishap which involved blythes grande starbucks all over her lap - and good thing we did, for at our Oso Starbucks we found a silver lining to the metaphorical cloud that was becoming our day; A postcard for the Handmade Brigade of Orange County's Holiday Indie Craft Fair.

[Mr. Kate necklace... this is only one of many gems my friends]

Remember preschool? When things were simpler? Coloring, recess, lunch, nap time, and then arts and crafts. The stresses and strains of life seemed to be non-existent inside those classroom walls. Your biggest worry was the wasps nest in the steeple of the the giant twirly slide, or whether or not you could convince Jimmy to trade you his Gushers for your pretzels. We just cut, and pasted, and glittered, without a care in the world. Today, as Blythe and I prepared our second round of coffees, reading the postcard, we realized that this was our chance to go back in time and experience the ignorant bliss of arts and crafts time all over again.

The only difference is now, instead of trading macaroni necklaces with Penny (the girl that always smelled like pee) you'll be surrounded by over 50 different vendors and artists offering some of the most beautiful soaps, cards, clothing, jewelry, and crafts you've ever seen. Vendors involved in this years event include: Modern Day Saints, ClosetMob, Kiss Every Comma, The Mincing Mockingbird, Salvage Life, Tyler Bender Book Co., Mini and Maximus, Cynthia Morehouse, Mr. Kate and more. For a full listing go here.

Remember how mom's face would light up when you gave her that popsicle stick picture frame? Recapture that this year and do your holiday shopping down at The Holiday Indie Craft Show at The Camp. As great as getting 4 gift cards to Best Buy is, there's bound to be a handcrafted pillow, art print, shirt, or original piece of vintage jewelry to delight every member of the family. Here's to going back to the simpler things in life!

The Holiday Indie Craft Show
November 1st at The Camp, 11am - 5pm
Free Admission AND Goodie Bags for the first 25 people!
For more info visit

- Amy
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weezer In Store Signing at Irvine Tillys

As I was meandering the twinkle lit hallways of the Irvine Spectrum last night with some friends, a window display stopped me right in my tracks. And here is what I saw:

YEAH. My teendom dreams are coming true; I have the chance to meet WEEZER! Of all the places I thought God might smile down and intervene to arrange such a meeting, Tilly's at the Irvine Spectrum is the last. To me Rivers Cuomo, the quirky - and aforetimes reclusive - frontman of Weezer, seems the type that would stage such a signing in an old record store or somewhere off-the-wall like a hole in the wall mexican joint in L.A. But getting my Weezer album in the air conditioned comfort of Tilly's will be just fine. It's Weezer for Pete's sake.

I've become one of those people who thinks everything was better when they were young, thus I maintain that nothing meets the glory days of The Blue Album. There is no denying the catchy tunes these guys manage to keep pumping out, though. The new single "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To", makes me crank up my radio and sing shamelessly - and pitchlessly - just like I did to the old classics, "My Name Is Jonas", "Buddy Holly" and "Say It Ain't So." There's no high like singing so loud you get lightheaded and dizzy. And I hope Raditude will give me plenty of that. I can't lie. After I heard "Pork and Beans" (one of my least favorite Weezer songs, although undeniably catchy in it's own right) for the first time on the radio, I was wondering if Weezer should call it a day. But this new single has me whistling a new tune. So Rivers, if you're wondering if I want you to, I want you to.

Here's "the deets" (teenage slang for the details according to my co-worker's little sister): You have to buy Weezer's new album, Raditude, at Tilly's between 10 am on November 3rd and 4pm on November 6th so that you can get a wristband that will get you into the signing. Here's where it get's tricky and you really have to weigh your options: On Weezer's website there are some pretty amazing package deals. For a mere $50 you can get the Raditude Standard Edition CD + an Exclusive blue Weezer Snuggie. Don't know what a Snuggie is?

Above is a photo of Rivers Cuomo proudly sporting his. There is also a package for $50 in which you can get the DELUXE edition of Raditude, A Weezer Photo Album, and a ZEBRA patterned exclusive Weezer Snuggie. Tough decision, isn't it? I trust you to make the right one though. I've made mine and it involves me, my Canon Rebel XT, and four handsome fellows.

- Amy
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Hold The Phone

Perk your sweet little ears up because you are going to want to hear these verbal jewels. Here's an amuse-bouche, if you will, of uncanny words found on the pages of the November issue of The OC Gazette, hitting your mailbox any day now (or if you aren't on our mailing list, which is a mistake, pick up a copy here)...

(1) "We were handsomely rewarded with the thrill of a lifetime when Eddie Vedder himself had his driver stop the car, got out, thanked us all for waiting patiently for him, and took a few moments with each shocked fan..."
- Jill, EntertainMe writer from

(2) "But even dieting can be a frenemy..."
- Jen Hood, Gazette feature writer (see her article on Lauren Grant's The Hungry Heart)

(3) On his mustache grooming regimen...
"I'll trim it every once in awhile, but that's all she gets."

- George Parros, Anaheim Ducks enforcer

(4) "Oh my God there's Elvis Presley playing 'Moby Dick'."
- Greg Tortell, aka Tortelvis, lead singer of Dread Zeppelin

(5) "When [my son] was only eight, we'd sit down in a restaurant and he'd say, 'Dad I'll get the frog legs, you get the halibut, and we'll share.' When all the kids were mad about pizza, his favorite food was escargot."
- Chef Albert Constandine, owner of Crush Wine Bar & Restaurant in Lake Forest

- Sara

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Feeding The Children One Pedal At A Time

This Halloween earn your right to pig out on a pillowcase full of candy; Join our good friends Chris Lombardo and Indi Avila over at Ciell Cycling for "Bike-Or-Treat For UNICEF." This is a dual earning of your candy eating rights: Firstly because you will be burning calories on the stationary bikes, and secondly because it is all for a good cause.

UNICEF's mission is "to provide special protection for the most disadvantaged children: victims of war, disasters, extreme poverty, all forms of violence and exploitation, and those with disabilities. Our work aims to fulfill their basic needs and restore their dignity." Since Halloween is mainly a holiday for the children, although inebriated 20- and 30-somethings have been trying to commandeer it for years, it's good to remember that to those whom much is given, much is expected. Everyone is hurting right now, but the fact of the matter is, as we are making huge lifestyle changes to cut back we are realizing that we have been living in excess. If we just buy two less Starbucks coffees a week until Halloween, there's at least $10 for a needy child somewhere AND 2,500 less calories collecting around your thighs. Alright, alright - I'm stepping down from my soap box now. But remember the words of John Lennon, "Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can/ No need for greed or hunger/ A brotherhood of man/ Imagine all the people / Sharing all the world." I know we all need possessions - but like Mom said, "Sharing is caring."

So instead of staging your own sleep-in at The Amsterdam Hilton - John Lennon/Yoko Ono style - or marching on Washington, start small and join Chris and Indi at Ciell Cycling this Halloween morning.


When: 7:30-8:30am, Saturday, October 31st OR Sunday, November 1st
Donation: $10. 100% of proceeds will be donated to UNICEF!
Who: Participants ages 15+ welcome. All riders will receive a Halloween Surprise!
Where: Ceill Cycling 27412 Antonio Pkwy #R-2, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
To reserve your spot: E-mail: info@ciellcycling to reserve your bike or call or text: 949-735-5399

What donations to UNICEF can buy...
$1 Can supply 1 child with a 40-day supply of clean drinking water
$2 Can immunize 20 children against diphtheria, tetanus & whooping cough
$6 Can provide a long-lasting mosquito net to protect against malaria
$15 Can buy one carton of high energy protein biscuits to support and rehabilitate 3 severely malnourished children for 1 month
$45 Can provide school supplies to 20 kids

- Amy

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

El Camino Real: The New Rodeo Drive?

This Friday at 5pm you'll want to be in the San Clemente Art Supply parking lot. No there's not a gang fight going or a drug deal going down - what do you take me for? Two former Saddleback College students turned designers will be joining forces for "Day and Night: Fashion Show of Joseph Morris and Damien Mathis". The event name refers to the yin and yang of the two designers: Joseph Morris is creating the "Day" look using fabrics such as hand dyed silks, velvet, earth toned cottons and bright colors. Damien's line, "Night", is the opposite, incorporating leather materials in darker colors.

Joseph came up with the idea of the show as a means to get his name out and as a way to set aright some common misnomers about fashion, mainly that "it is okay for a dude to sew".

The event promises 11 artists showing and selling art, hors d'oevres from local catering company "Grass Roots", and a performance by Kai Kalama of American Idol. While enjoying the food and art you can play Who's Who in fashion as there will be many familiar faces from the fashion industry present. The show will consist of three runway shows set tentatively for 6pm, 8pm, and 10pm.

There's nothing better than seeing a fellow Saddleback alum take life by the horns and make things happen. Who knows? This could be the beginnings of San Clemente as a bustling fashion hub. Look out NY! Move over Paris! El Camino Real could be the new Rodeo Drive.


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Motorcycle Drive By

For more info check out the Saddleback College Fashion Dept. blog

Many current and former Saddleback students will be involved in set-up, artist booths, dressing the models, and modeling. Take a gander. You might recognize someone. I did! (Hey Melissa Wantabe!) People involved:

Damian Mathis - Designer 10 dresses
Joseph Morris - Designer 20 dresses
Kalina Justice - Cat walk Coordinator/ Announcer for show
Jeremy Matheny - Artist Liaison, Promotions
Jeff Faeth - Lights, Electronics, Choreographer, Announcer
Justin Searles - Graphic Designer/Artist
Jeff Werve - Photographer
Mike Montello - Photographer
Kai Kalama - Band (Soul Rebel Alliance - American Idol Performer)
Ashleigh Waide - dresser
Cistina Tionko - dresser
Melissa Watanabe - dresser
Liz Chavez - dresser
Leili Bazargan - dresser
Dennie Gillard - dresser
Angela D - dresser
Stephanie Moore - dresser
Elizsbeth Bauer - dresser
Hannah Karinai - dresser
Gabryelle Karinai dresser
Brittany Anderson - dresser
Keri Davis - dresser
Kayla Hoffman - dresser
Priya Khosla - dresser
Hannah Self - dresser
Andrea Erpinoza - dresser
Jona Henshall - dresser
Carolina Guarino - dresser
Millisa Doe - dresser
Carie Pytynia Web - makeup
Sirens See Syrens Beauty Parlor - Hair
Wild Roots - Catering food
Shea Grody - Bartender
Ryan Kalama - Band
Art Hansen - Band
Cody lee Adams - Band
Josh Scott - Band
Obie Scott - Band
Nimai Pickup - Band
Scott Tamme - Signature Party Rentales
Patti-Richard Hardell - San Clemente Art Supply
Caleb Coslow - Head of Security
Heather Morales - Fire dancer
Shoshanna Husak - Fire dancer
Katherine Davis - Artist
Chantal deFelice - Artist
Skayler surf - Artist
Geoff Glenn - Artist
Karea - model
Nicole Sandoval - model
Alissa Klinzmann - model
Chandra Krout - model
Kimberly Nutter - model
Olynpia Newlove - model
Gabrielle Werve - model
Stephaine Fisher - model
Luki Okeefe - model
Maddy Williams - model
Tara crawford - model
Hannah unruh - model
Nina Turk - model
Sharon Epstein - model
Shawna Whelan - model
Katie Raw Okeefe - model
Anastassia Tiagbogu - model
Michelle Leon - model
Marlene Castellanos - model
Karen Grise - model
Sara Van Liefde - model
Kari Duran - model
Rianna Russ - model
Celeste Epstein - model

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Great California Shakeout

Today we joined millions of Californians in a uniting event. Earthquakes are as "California" as the OC Fair or the Annual Mooning of the Amtrak. Being as that it, we banded together yet separately under our collective desk for the Great California ShakeOut yesterday. Well, Blythe and I did. Sara and Amy had pressing work to tend to at the moment. You'll see Sara doing just that in the background of this informational video. According to the ShakeOut website, "The purpose of the ShakeOut is to practice how to protect ourselves during earthquakes, and to get prepared at work, school, and home."

We performed the Level 1 – Simple: Drop, Cover, and Hold On Drill. This drill, as the name suggests, is as simple as dropping to the ground, covering one's head, and holding on till the chaos is over. According to the drill manual (yes, there's a manual, and even an audio download with "realistic sound effects and safety information to play during your drill"), you should also be looking around you during the drill to be aware of falling objects and where things might have been displaced. Following is live coverage of our drill which felt very reminiscent of a duck and cover atomic bomb drill from the '50s.

In the words of the ShakeOut promo piece: Shake out, Don't Freak Out.

Be prepared!
Safe travels,


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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

super cheap, super easy cos

This one's for all you cheapskates, penny pinchers, quarter hoarders, economically acute, thrifty shoppers and smart shoppers.... whatever you want to call it, you know who you are.

Following are 3 extremely easy and extremely cost efficient costumes that can be made from any cardboard box you might find in a Ralph's dumpster or a Costco backlot. I've drawn visual aids to help.


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Monday, October 12, 2009

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Check out San Juan Capistrano's 13th Annual The Vintage event this coming Saturday, October 17th at Mission SJC. The Gazette will be there with bells on!

- Sara

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Famous People and Dating Advice

There are two orders of business within today’s blog: Firstly, to smack the resounding gavel and call your attention to our first of many celebrity-signed copies of our Gazette (see figure 1 and the photo below of Amy Hood holding her interview with new Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest, which he himself signed and sent back to us – thanks, man, looking forward to the new season!).

Secondly, this blog will serve to give you information about some help that you may or may not admit that you need: Dating Advice (see figure 2). Did you know The Gazette has a new columnist-duo, Sunny Wheeler and Ron Ruhman (former is a dating vet and latter is a local comedian), who are asking for the privilege to answer all of your dating dilemmas? Don’t be shy, here’s how it works.

1. Figure out your problem. Sunny and Ron, in their own words, “are dedicated to those of you who are dating, looking to date, or like to eat dates.” If you are in any of those categories, it can be inferred that you also suffer from plaguing questions like the following:

“What is first date etiquette?”

“How do I pursue a date without incurring a restraining order?”

“It’s the 21st Century, can we go Dutch yet or what?”

“What exactly does ‘Thanks, I had a great time’ mean?”

Or, “How soon is too soon to elope to Vegas?”

2. Come up with a pen name. Now, based on your dilemma, create a pseudonym for yourself under which you can send your anonymous request for relational salvation. Your name should be made up of a descriptive adjective and a noun of some sort, and note that alliteration is always a nice touch. Here are some examples:

You got dumped by an actor who’s still in love with his ex? Your name is: Hurting in Hollywood. Someone is interested, asks you out, and then never calls again: Confounded Crier works nicely. This can be the fun part in the whole thing.

3. Send your question to and wait for advice from the funny yet insightful tag-team, Sunny and ron. Then look to see if your question is published in the next Gazette. Prepare yourself for unexpected answers and honest commentary. Also prepare yourself for some laughs and a little more clarity in this game of love.



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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Gotta' Fight For What You Believe In: And For Your Right To Party

Cherished friend and fierce eco advocator Evan Little, a real estate agent for local green real estate company Surterre Properties, is kind of like The Gazette's "in" to the growing green movement in Orange County. If there's a green mixer, fundraiser, or event, Evan knows about it. And he's not stingy with his knowledge, but shares it freely via facebook, twitter, linkedin and whatever other social media outlet he can get his hands on. Today I got an invitation to one such event. is a local non-profit started by OC natives Jesse Baker and Chrissy Gray to help create "a free and fair market-based consumer system that maximizes positive impacts to our planet." In short, wants to educate the community on social equality, living green, and sustainability. Jesse and Chrissy are ready to fight for what they believe in, and as the Beastie Boys so eloquently sang (or screamed?), "you gotta fight for your right to party." Seemingly unrelated causes to fight for, I know, but not on Saturday October 17th,2009. This Saturday will hold the 1st Annual Endless Summer Benefit Concert that will unite green/social awareness with all the food, drink, and live music expected of a great party. Musical acts will include Marc B., The Pawn Shop Kings, Humanlab, and Kacie Yoshida, with DJ's spinning to fill the silence in between. Each $20 ticket to the event includes entry and 2 cocktails, beer, or wine. The night will also include local art exhibitions and a silent auction. That's a steal folks! Where else could you get such a fun filled evening of music, art, food, wine, and good company for only $20, and all with a good conscience? Exaaactly.

What: Ecofficiency Endless Summer Benefit Concert
When: October 17, 2009
Where: 1630 Pomona Ave., Costa Mesa, CA
Sponsors: Marko Foam, Green Events, Barefoot Wines, Tru Organic Spirits, Green Truck on the Go, J&M Marketing Group

- Amy

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.

Up, up, and away! Have you taken the cheapest, most wonderful flight this county has to offer? Aviators and bomber jackets not required...

Enjoy a free, 500 foot high flight on the Great Park Balloon at Irvine's Orange County Great Park. (My new favorite destination.) Check out the schedule here:

Soar high above the city by day or by night (I triple-dog-dare-you to try it at night!) This helium beaut will show you an unforgettable time. Photographs by Gracy Wilkins.

- Sara

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Van Gogh in IMAX and Gustavo The Gazette Guardian

Vincent Van Gogh - everyone’s favorite tormented artist, the forgotten in life, memorialized after death genius behind some of the most recognized works of art in the world - is coming to a theater near you! And in IMAX. Forget about The Jonas Brothers in 3D; All the curly locks and brown eyes of Disneydom couldn’t hold a candle to the vivid and almost living masterpieces of Van Gogh (although any gal pre-13 might protest).

Laguna Beach res Greg Macgillivray and his team at MacGillivray Freeman Films is screening Van Gogh: Brush with Genius, today at the Edwards at the Irvine Spectrum at 4:30pm, 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Greg and his Laguna Beach company have been dedicated to the large screen motion picture format since the production of the IMAX® Theatre film, To Fly!, which he co-produced and directed with his partner, the late Jim Freeman in 1976. MacGillivray also worked in Hollywood, directing and photographing for Stanley Kubrick on The Shining, and filming for the Academy Award® nominees Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Towering Inferno. MacGillivray is well-known in the industry for artistic and technical innovation in the giant format. He has initiated the development of two cameras for the IMAX® format.

The Gazette was invited to the “One Day Family and Friends Screening” (we did an Off the Record piece on Greg back in April 09, you can see it here), so we will be going to the 4:30 today to “Plunge into the heart of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings and retrace the artist’s life as we read his letters and take in the beautiful locations that inspired him.” From what I can gather from the trailer, an amazing French narrator speaks throughout the film as the voice of Van Gogh, giving his opinions on his own work and even his opinions of the people and curators working with his art today. The film looks into the locations that inspired his works, and tries to reveal a part of Van Gogh “far removed from the ‘tragic artist’ image which he is known by.” You can check out the trailer below.

And lastly, a completely unrelated introduction. World, meet Gustavo the Gazette Guardian, a new member to the Gazette team, inducted by myself after a near-theft incident in which 2 boxes of Gazette magazines intended for Jill and Gary, our entertainment writers and the masterminds behind were presumed missing! It turned out that we merely misplaced them. But so was born this hero.


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