Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free Show This Thursday!

The Union Line

This Thursday night, KROQ Locals Only presents four awesome local bands at the Gypsy Lounge for the low low cost of zero dollars. What a bargain. Especially for these four fine specimen. We can personally vouch for the quality of both Janu And The Walesharks and The Union Line. Our newest recruit, the lovely Blythe Hill (who is the one to credit for the beautiful photo above), is dating Jordan, one of the guitarists of The Union Line, and I used to take tennis class with John Wilson, the other guitarist, back in highschool at SCHS. But these affiliations don't cloud our vision when it comes to the talent of these boys. Good rock n' roll is just good rock n' roll. End of story. And the same goes for Janu and the Whalesharks. Although Jared Slaybaugh, bassist of Janu, is a friend of ours and a stand up citizen, you can't deny the good ole' folksy rock that Janu and the Whalesharks puts out. We can't wait to hear Yellow Red Sparks and Planes Over Bridges. It should be a fun night! We'll see you there.
The lineup is as follows:
The Union Line on at 10:30

At the Gypsy Lounge. 21+
- Amy
On my iPod right now: Rocky Votolato's The City Is Calling

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