Thursday, July 2, 2009

MaeMae Paperie

Don't miss our Artist Review this month, featuring local graphic designer/typographer Megan Gonzalez of MaeMae Paperie!

MaeMae Paperie provides one of the most affordable (and visually stunning!) custom stationery design services in California. Megan pays great attention to color, type, and composition- and her work shows it!

Be sure to check out Gracy Wilkins' article on MaeMae Paperie in the Gazette this month- now available on The Gazette's website (but be sure to pick up a print copy too)!

Find more about MaeMae Paperie by going to the website and the blog!

- Blythe

On my iPod right now: The Shins' Young Pilgrims

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  1. You all are the very best. Thank you so much for my moment in the sun :) Thank you for contacting me, Amy, beautiful writing, Gracy, and fabulous designing, Sara!! And lots of love for you, Blythe!!!


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