Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sale Stalker Coming Soon!

This post is for my fellow brothers and sisters in fashion. Whether you like the polished, the grungy, the quirky, or a beautiful hodgepodge, we can all agree that one's fashion sense speaks volumes about them. Which is probably why we all love it so much - for the ability it gives us to express ourselves. 

[Some of my favorites to mix and match.]

I myself am in the hodgepodge fashionista category. I believe Alexander Wang, Bebe and Forever 21 can live peaceably together if perfectly styled on my person. Unfortunately, being a starving artist/designer, I am not blessed with the overflowing coffers that the Kardashians have to spend on their attire. Thus I revel in finding great deals on great clothes. Thanks to the lovely ladies over at, my hours of trolling the sale racks and surfing ebay stores can be put back into something more useful (like the poor painting I started months ago and have yet to finish). On August 1st will launch Sale Stalker, a comprehensive e-commerce addition to their site that will allow you to shop all the sale racks of your favorite local boutiques from the comfort of your laptop! Co-founder Erin Hall explains, “Boutiques often have amazing merchandise that hasn’t sold at the end of the season, but without establishing their own e-commerce site, which is both costly and time-consuming, the rest of the shopping world is missing out on these hidden gems.” Enter Style Stalker. 

The site sounds like it's going to be amazing. It's like they read my mind. The site is sleek and easy to use, features over 50 designer labels at 40-60% off retail prices, with liberal return policies, instant phone access to customer service reps, and free ground shipping to the US. But here's the best feature, each item includes a video of the piece being worn on a walking model. [Insert angelic choir here.] Like I said, they read my mind.

The site will be up an running this Sunday, August 1st. If you're looking for me this weekend, I'll be cleaning out my closet to make room.

- Amy

On my iTunes: The Avett Brothers' "Perfect Space"


  1. Sounds like this is going to be a-MAZ-ing! I am already a huge fan of their website. Awesome girls!

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