Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iSanctuary Shop open this Saturday

March 11 drop in and shop

This saturday, check out iSanctuary's shop in Irvine. You can also shop online (but then you don't get the free gift!).

International Sanctuary offers the world an opportunity to purchase with purpose- to buy unique, progressively-styled handcrafted products, and in so doing, help trafficked survivors earn an income with which they can sustain themselves. By creating and selling handmade items, survivors are able to earn a life-giving income. Furthermore, when survivors are equipped with the skills to make various products, they often develop a deep sense of pride in their creations and a satisfaction in knowing that the works of their hands are valued and admired. Every creation that iSanctuary sells, has significance and meaning, while it also affirms a survivors self-confidence.

The iSanctuary showroom is located at:
17777 Main St. C-2
Irvine, CA 92614

Call 949.752.7788 for more information.

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