Thursday, June 3, 2010

Add some color to the derm for summer...

Some people look like Elizabethan goddesses with their porcelain complexion. Some people have that natural golden skin hue (curses on you, you ever-so-derma-blessed Brazilian people). But some of us need more attention and application when it comes to getting a good skin tone color. 

This is where Kristen Oviedo and her business partner Armida Morgan clear their throats and draw the spotlight to their corner of the ring. They are the idea-girls and owners behind Knockout Tan, a new mobile professional airbrush tanning service that's got the translucent citizens of Orange County covered. As their name implies, they wanna give you a color that will make you look like a float-like-a-butterfly-sting-like-a-bee knockout. They've brought the best quality spray tanning formulas (which offer the most natural color matching to give you a natural look) with knockdown prices. Not to mention the fact that unlike other tanning methods, spray tanning is virtually harmless. Which means no leather effect on your skin. Oh, and it's mobile.
So don't let summer-sorry skin get you down. You can get a great looking tan that lasts without all of the sweat-work in the sun. Your skin will thank you (and so will everybody who gets to see your bronzed trotters in those cut offs at the beach - err for you men, everybody who gets to see that carmel candy flesh and mistake you for an off-duty lifeguard).

Whether you are fair skinned and only want a very mild golden hue, or are seeking down-to-the-marrow all-out bronze, the gals at Knockout Tan can get you colored to perfection (no streaks allowed). With a little bit of TLC it'll last a week or more. Plus, the mobility of their service allows you the convenience of having the setup brought to the privacy of your own home or otherwise specified destination (In the work break room?).

A full airbrush spray tan with Knockout Tan is $35 but if you attend their open house on July 1st, you can make your pasty skin kiss the canvas (phrase loosely translated as "knocked out") for only $25. Kristen and Armida (who are super cool ladies might I add -  they've done my tanning) will be hosting the night with special guest, Inside Pandora's Box boutique, and catering by a fabulous chef with a fabulous name: Uncle Albert. Call Armida at 949-233-5949 for directions and to RSVP. Or you can email her at Want to schedule your own tanning party? They do that too (great idea for wedding showers, birthday parties and any-excuse-girl-night parties).

You can visit Knockout Tan online at

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