Friday, April 8, 2011

Chef Fabio Helps Olive Crest Raise Money for OC Children!

[Left to Right:  Casey Reinhardt of Casey’s Cupcakes, Darrel Anderson, Olive Crest Chairman of the Board and President, Retired, Knott Anderson Enterprises, Marsha Anderson, Darrel’s wife and Orange County philanthropist, and Chef Fabio Viviani]

OCG: You recently participated in a fundraiser here in Orange County with Olive Crest called “Harvesting Hope.” Did you have a good time?
CF: I did! I had a great time!  Raising money for a good cause and sharing my recipes is what I love to do.

OCG: What was your favorite part of the night?
CF: The auction was a lot of fun and I look forward to cooking for several of the generous donors to Olive Crest.  Casey’s Cupcakes were delicious too!

OCG: Why was this cause close to your heart?
CF:I love kids and any time I have the chance to give a child a better life, I will do anything to help. 

OCG: How did you like Orange County/Newport Beach?
CF:It’s beautiful! How can you go wrong with the ocean at your doorstep? I live in LA and it’s much more peaceful down here.

OCG: Apparently your cooking demonstration of the Mediterranean Style Pan Roasted Chicken was very entertaining and quite the crowd pleaser. Where does your sense of humor come from? 
CF: My grandma taught me to have fun in the kitchen and that is what I try to do.  To me, cooking is spending time with family and friends and enjoying the company, wherever you are.  

OCG: What’s your favorite dish to prepare?
CF:I love risotto.  It’s easy and delicious and you can make it a thousand ways.  I dream of new ways to make risotto. 

OCG: What’s next for you? Any events or projects in the works?
CF:This May, I’m coming out with an iPad application with Bertolli Olive Oil.  Download it and you’ll get 16 of my exclusive step-by-step videos of some of my all-time favorite recipes.  It’s going to be a lot of fun.

OCG: To help raise money, you auctioned off a four-course meal prepared by you for the winner at their house. Are you excited for that very private cooking gig? Have you already thought of the menu you’ll prepare?
CF: Definitely. It will probably be something light and delicious for the spring using fresh herbs and vegetables. I love grilling vegetables and even fruit.  

OCG: If you had to give our readers the number one secret to being a great chef, what would it be?
CF: I can’t tell you my secrets!

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