Thursday, September 24, 2009

3 more shameless endorsements from me to you, OC

It's about that time again... Time for another shameless endorsement. Actually, 3 more shameless endorsements. Note: these endorsements are shameless because [1] we have tried them out for ourselves and know first-hand that these people are awesome, and [2] there are no 4 installments of $49.99 involved. So I'll play Tony Little for the day and give you the high-intensity, sparkly-smile, thumbs-up laden spiel on some of our favorite gigs right now:

Shameless Endorsement #1: Memories of Me Photography. Gail Simmons is a friendly, talented and completely affordable modern photographer who takes the most amazing photos. She's especially good with kids. Just check out her website. Our publisher got his daughter's portraits taken by her, and they turned out so great. Best part (besides talent) about Gail, is her economy-proof prices. Here's just some of her deals right now
[a] 2 for 1 sittings. Buy one photo portrait sitting, and get a second one free for a total of $99. You wont find a gig that good at Sears. So get the kids' pics done early for Christmas.
[b] Sittings with Santa. Does the mall Santa scare your kids? Does the 2 hour Mall Santa Line scare you? Gail is arranging 15 min, one on one sittings with Santa at her studio. Tons of great shots, a disc with all the pics on it, all for only $59 bucks.
[c] portrait session photo books. They're hardcover, bound, pretty, and personal. Mass mail them to fam at christmas and your shopping woes of what to get Aunt Patty and Great Granny Ethel are over. No panic attacks this year.

Speaking of panic Attacks, no need to worry, the new Gazette is coming out soon...sometime early next week. Which leads me to Shameless Endorsement #2: our magazine. The Gazette. It's interesting (at least to us), it's local, it's about things you see and do everyday, it can be used as a handy fly swatter when rolled up, and it's free. So pick one up at a stand near you or email us and we'll send you a copy! This upcoming month has interviews with The Cold War Kids, The Fonz, and the artists and cinematographer behind the new feature film Where the Wild Things Are.

Which leads me to Shameless Endorsement #3: Iced Pumpkin Lattes from Peet's Coffee and those who make and serve them with a smile. How else would we be able to make it through press week? Special thanks specifically to the branch in Lake Forest and the lovely attendants there. You make my mornings.


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