Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You're The Inspiration

The Rolling Stones looked to Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, The Beatles looked to Buddy Holly and Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan looked to Woodie Guthrie and Robert Burns, Morrissey looked to Patti Smith and The New York Dolls. Behind every great artist are other great artists. I am still but a humble graphic designer trying to find my way and place in this crazy world of art and design - so to guide me on this winding road I look to the greats that have gone before me. Aesthetic Apparatus is one of those greats. I visit their sight monthly, if not weekly, to peruse the plethora of eye pleasing posters and to curse the 'powers that be' that I didn't come up with them myself. Here are a few examples - prepare to have your creative juices implode.

Poster for The Dead Weather

Poster for The Submarines

Poster for Grizzly Bear

Poster for Spoon (This one is hanging on my wall in front of me)

Poster for The Clash Tribute Concert

Poster for Low

There are so many more awesome ones, but this is probably already going to be a giant hairball in the metaphorical drain that is our blog. So at the risk of making our blog so slow in loading no one reads it, you'll just have to visit for more.


On my iPod: Ryan Adams' Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd.

P.S. I am brainstorming a send off for my blogs. Like "Goodnight and Good Luck" or "Stay Classy San Diego", but something my own. I will be taking suggestions at or just post your ideas here!

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