Monday, September 28, 2009

Our 1st Hockey Game

Last night some of The Gazette staff were treated royally to our first office-outing at a preseason hockey game. There was smoke, fog horns, possibly Canadians, a blaze of lights, fans braving sweaters in 90 degree weather, a plethora of jerseys, plastic mugs of hot chocolate and elated fist-pumping-dancing-for-the-cam Ducks and Kings fans. I was so excited that within the first 30 seconds of the first period I screamed into Amy's ear at shrill, glass-breaking decibels. There's nothing like a night filled with good company, good food and men with sticks slamming each other into plexiglas. AND, the DUCKS won 5-4! Unfortunately for some, no official fights broke out, but there's a whole season on the horizon.

(pictured left to right: Jessica, Amy, Sara)

Be sure to check them out this Saturday, September 3rd, opening night against the San Jose Sharks. Amy recommends renting Miracle to get pumped for the season! Thank you, thank you to Carlos at Freedom Printing for a wonderfully fun evening!

(pictured left to right: Blythe, Amy, Sara)

- Sara

On My iTunes: Kings of Leon's Charmer

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  1. YAY! You sound like you might already be hooked. From a die-hard Ducks fan--welcome to the club!


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