Friday, April 9, 2010

Introducing: The New Limb's freshly pressed album, “Sounds People Can Hear.”

What happens when you put a quartet of young, energetic rock musicians in a house/recording studio in Costa Mesa to live and work together every day? If you're unlucky, I think you may end up with some kind of reality show. If you're lucky, though, you could end up with something like The New Limb's
freshly pressed album, “Sounds People Can Hear.”
[The New Limb] Photo by Sarah Buss Photography

The band (of roommates!) has earned lots of acclaim over the last year; they won Best Indie at the 2010 Orange County Music Awards, were named by OC Weekly as the best live band of 2009, and held residencies at The Gypsy Lounge and Detroit Bar.
["Sounds People Can Hear" Album Cover]

“Sounds People Can Hear” is the band's first full-length album, but it's so polished and intricate, it sounds like they've been together for years. The group's harmonies are sweet and catchy, and accompanied by complex rock arrangements. The upbeat pop sounds blend with just enough rock to keep listeners surprised and hooked on the genre-bending disc.

The New Limb pride themselves on having a great relationship with their fans and the community, including, but not limited to, their efforts in baking cookies for shows and turning their residencies into charity drives. You can meet the band at their next live show at the Prospector in Long Beach on
April 17. Meanwhile, “Sounds People Can Hear” is
available on iTunes now.
It's sure to keep you smiling through the weekend.


on my iTunes: The New Limb's “Sarah”

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