Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thanks, Russian Crusher

We have friends. Real ones, but virtual ones too. And according to Facebook, the unofficial social authority of our era, our official 1000th friend is a man referred to by friend and foe as "THE RUSSIAN CRUSHER." Yep. Are you jealous? You should be. This guy, real name Alex Serdyukov, "is a Russian mixed martial artist from Siberia, Russia who has lived in the U.S. for 10 years," according to Alex is now a veteran of the World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) organization and holds WEC Middleweight North American Champion, Grapplers Quest Champion, Best of the West grappling division. He currently lives in OC and might even be teaching your kids how to throw down like he's been known to as he teaches tykes Jujitsu and other mixed martial arts at Reign Training Center (we know because our co-worker Paul Lopez's son had the honor of "Crusher"'s tutelage). Anyways, long story short, he's our bud. And he capped our goal of getting 1000 friends on Facebook by April 1st. And should we ever be slapped with the dueling glove, he's on our side. (Remember the episode on The Simpsons where Homer grows Tomacco because he gets on a dueling kick? Classic). That's what friends are for. 
["The Russian Crusher" reveling in victory. Photo by] 

We also thank "The Russian Crusher" for the excuse to use our newest OC Gazette Local-Themed Thank You Cards inspired by Dana Point Harbor Boatmen. They're designed by Gazette designer and blogger Amy Hood. Our digital thank you card to Mr. Crusher reads "Thanks Crusher, You're The Bomb. Forever yours, The OC Gazette."
[OC Gazette's Newest Thank You Card]

Thanks to all our buds. You're not just a number. We love you all and expect to have your children named after us like good friends do. 

On my iPod: "The Rainbow Connection" covered by Peter Cincotti. Who can sing it better than Kermit? Peter. It's so beautiful! Not really demographic-specific to this blog post but whatever.

On my tele: The Simpsons "E-I-E-I (Annoyed Grunt), the aforementioned dueling episode.

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  1. I would definitely not want to meet someone named The Russian Crusher in a dark alley.


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