Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dinner With Dave

[Memphis Cafe and Bar at Santora]


The one thing good about these crazy economic times is the plethora of recession-savvy tips, guides, sales, and events popping up all over to ease consumers back out into the world of spending. Here at the OC Gazette we too are jumping on the recession-concious bandwagon like a San Luis Obispo fresh-y rushing the hay ride/kegger of the biggest frat/sorority on campus; bringing you a recession-proof OC dating guide and constantly updating you on great, inexpensive events in Orange County. One such event is Dinner with Dave, a regular installment on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at Memphis Soul Cafe & Bar at Santora in Santa Ana.


[Dave Mau]

Who is Dave? He's Dave Mau, chef at the Re{treat} at The Spa in Costa Mesa. What is Dinner with Dave? The perfect melding of local bands/musicians and delicious food courtesy of Memphis at the Santora - all FOR FREE. That's right- No cover for the bands and no bill for the dinner. What do you get? Great food and music. It's a win-win, clearly.

[The Steelwells]

Tonight you will eat to the sweet serenading of The Steelwells. The Fullerton born and bred band will be performing a semi-acoustic show. Buzz Bands LA describes The Steelwells so well that I am just going to quote them instead of trying to come up with a clever and new quip: "Fullerton-based quintet The Steelwells make big, open-hearted music that’ll put a smile on your suburban angst quicker than an afternoon latté or four open lanes at the Orange Crush." So don't miss out on all the free food and fun, folks. It's the closest thing to a middle school free friday pizza party you'll get anytime soon.

- Amy
On my iPod: Bright Eyes' "Road To Joy"

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