Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 Things To Lift Your Spirits

It’s gloomy. It’s spitter spatter raining - not even a good, solid, water-the-earth and hand me a hot cocoa kind of rain. Just that drizzle of misery. But perk up folks! Don’t know how? Here are 3 suggestions to lift your spirits.

1. Shannon Brown’s Almost-Dunk In Last Night’s Game
[Check out Kobe's face]

What has more lift for your lull than Shannon Brown’s moonwalk practically over the top of Suns’ Jason Richardson? It was just delightful. My favorite sports blogger Trey Kerby, on his blog Ball Don’t Lie, said “Shannon looks like he just took off. Not just for a dunk, mind you, but for the first human flight in world history.”

Marv Albert's commentary on the scene: "I actually thought he was going over the backboard."
 Craig Kwasniewski of The Association blog, said of the launch to eluded greatness: “Shannon Brown brought down the house when he tried to Frederic Weiss (yep, he's a verb) Jason Richardson in the second half of the Lakers blowout win over Phoenix. The game was on the brink of getting out of hand when Brown got a clean look (or so he thought he did) at the rim and went for the ultimate highlight dunk of the year. Call it brash, call it front-running, call it whatever you like, the guy literally tried to jump over two-time slam dunk champion Jason Richardson and came *this close* to succeeding.”

2. This SNL skit.
3. Our OC Gazette in-house, handmade bouquet of inspiration. Cutting out our favorite heartthrobs from trash/gossip rags, pasting their heads on stems, and arranging them into a bouquet on Sara’s desk as a birthday present was the best thing we’ve done for overall office morale all year.
[It's blooming men...(sing to the tune of "It's Raining Men"]

On The OC Gazette Blip Radio: Buck Ownes & His Buckaroos "Act Naturally - Live - 1963"

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