Monday, May 10, 2010

May 2010 OC Gazette

photo by Lewis Wickes Hine
Hello there OC Gazette fans. Today I've loaded up this post with one-liners from our latest magazine to give you a little taste of the goods you'll find inside the May issues. From interviews with a chef and a TV actor (she stars next to the handsome Joseph Fiennes and seriously cool Dominic Monaghan) to stories about great organizations and venues like Olive Crest and Downtown Santa Ana's Yost Theater (who played host to the 2010 OC Music Awards). We do it for you OC, so enjoy each and every page. Hey, the temp dropped today; read it next to a warm fire. Without further delay, here are the fruits of our labor...

 photo by

(1) On playing at the legendary Hollywood Bowl back in 1964...
"The first time we came here, we were little kids. Then, we thought we were great big men. You couldn't hear anything we were singing because the girls were screaming...but, nowadays WE are louder!"
- Paul McCartney (Read the full story in May's EntertainMe)

(2) On her character Janice Hawk from the ABC hit show FlashForward...
"Initially, I was supposed to be this computer nerd who dated the wrong guys. ...Then they were like, 'We're going to give you a gun and you're going to be a lesbian."
- Christine Woods (Born in HB, grew up in Lake Forest, and went to El Toro High School; read the exclusive interview in May's Off The Record)

Chef Deb with head chef Octavio Flores, photo by Blythe Hill

(3) "Somebody told me a long time ago, 'Suit up. Show up. Shut up. And do your best.' I love that."
- Deborah Schneider, author and Executive Chef at SOL Cocina in Newport Beach (Read the exclusive interview in May's A Day In The Life)

 photo by Eric Stoner Photography

(4) "My heart has always been in Santa Ana. I have lived here for 5 years and I feel it really needs to be a central entertainment hub."
- Dennis Lluy (Read more about the Yost Theater in May's Local History)

"Together = One" [Haiti Poster Project], 12"x24" Screenprint

(5) "If it's not fun, I'm not doing my best work."
- Brian Lindstrom, graphic designer (Read more in May's Artist Spotlight)

 photo by Blythe Hill

(6) "There are forty-year-old women, who Olive Crest practically raised, counseling girls in our programs today."
- Donald Verleur, Olive Crest CEO (Read more in May's Charity Spotlight) 

Keep it real OC
- Sara
Listening to Pinback's "Good To Sea"
(get excited; they're playing at The Coach House July 25th)

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  1. Great stuff! I love the "Suit up. Show up. Shut up. And do your best."


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