Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prepare to shake. TRMRS are coming.

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Prepare to shake. TRMRS are coming. The 4 piece local Orange County surf band embodies surf rock at it’s grittiest and grungiest, with enough raw youth and guitar crackle to make you quake in involuntary head bobbing and general body hopping. I talked to band member Thommy Stewart about TRMRS upcoming live album recording, happening this Saturday, August 7th at Trashpretty Vintage in Laguna Beach (a diamond-in-the-rough vintage shop besides being an unofficial patron saint to local up-and-coming bands in OC).

 “Our music has been categorized as slop-pop, surf thrash rock, or as Alex Knost put it, ‘Johnny Thunders slop-pop junky rock’,” says Tommy Stewart. The sound is a product of the bandmates' upbringing as generally-harmless rabble-rouser kids living in Orange County, filling their minds and hearts with plenty of surfing and the sounds of bands like the Germs, Black Lips, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and throwbacks like The Stones and The Animals.

“We’re inspired by a lot. 60’s rock’n’roll, mixed in with all of our own subculture and friends," Tommy tells me. "People like Brooks Nielsen, Matt Taylor, Al Knost, Robbie Kegle – just to name a few people I know that have hugely influenced Anthony and me."

The TRMRS have a simple dream: to make people move. To really shake things up. No static allowed. Just pure, undefiled energy. “The whole idea is that tremors are an involuntary shaking of the body,” explains Tommy. “So really, any rise or reaction we get from anybody hearing us is exactly what we want. I just think we’re all a bunch of wisecracks [laughs], which is why people enjoy our shows. We are all really energetic and provocative.”

You’ll get your chance to shake things out this Saturday at TRMRS’ live album recording in the parking garage of Trashpretty Vintage in Laguna Beach. “It’s a shop that has become an important part of the music and art community,” says Tommy. The cover charge will be $3. But bring extra! “Trashpretty has plenty of music cassettes, records, rad vintage clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, pins etc,” says Tommy.

Other bands on the bill (also represented by Burger Records) include the Cosmonauts (Tommy describes them as a spacey punky garage band influenced by Brian Jonestown Massacre), and Audacity from Fullerton, CA (Tommy dubs them as super punk garage pop).

One last question for Tommy: Best kept secret in OC?
“Wouldn’t be a secret if I told ya. Surfing sucks. Don’t do it, sharks will eat you.”

The Rundown:
What: TRMRS Live Album Recording
Where: Trashpretty Vintage in Laguna Beach (in the underground parking structure)
When: Sat, Aug 7th at 6pm
How much: $3 or a store purchase… or both.
More TRMRS shtuff here.


On My iPod: Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers “One Track Mind”


  1. i love this band, i have seen them play at trashpretty before, they are a diamond in the rough


  3. i'd like to blame my source...and then myself for lax fact checking. haha, sorry devoted, fans. have mercy!

  4. one of my favorite bands, a must see live! super thrash rock, but not typical thrash rock, LOVE IT! the drummer's super cute too...


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