Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5 Local Bands at the House of Blues Anaheim

Even if you missed this month's F**k Yeah Festival in L.A., it's not too late to say it (!!): Coming to our very own House of Blues Anaheim next week is a killer lineup of local bands. On Friday, September 24th, Secret Chief Management presents a super 5-band lineup:

This is the first Secret Chief show at the House of Blues in Anaheim, and it's sure to be a good one! The schedule and lineup is as follows:

8 pm: Railroad To Alaska
8:45pm: The Vespertines
9:30pm: Dynamite Walls
10:15pm: Stereofix
11:15pm: Italian Japanese (from LA/OC/SD and getting some spins on KROQ)

And now, a word on some of the five bands.
Starting with Railroad to Alaska, OC Weekly writer Danielle Bacher called them "rowdy and unpredictable. After listening to LuckyBearClawDoom, the band's expertly crafted EP released in February [2010], it's easy to understand why singer/ guitarist Justin Suitor might feel so much pent up anger. It's difficult balancing the music's rigid structure intersecting grunge, hard rock, metal and progressive energy."

 [Railroad to Alaska art]

Next up is The Vespertines, a Long Beach band that, according to their Twitter, "wants to brighten your day." And, with comparisons to early No Doubt tracks being made, they're sure to do just that. At times funky, at times jazzy, and always fun, they're sure to put on a good show.

 [The Vespertines]

Dynamite Walls is another band to watch- they recently signed to Universal Republic Records. A quick excerpt from PureVolume describes the San Diegan quintet:
"Led by frontman Tom Pritchard, Dynamite Wall's sound reflects the diversity of the band. Beatles, U2, Coldplay, DCFC; the comparisons have been made. Sometimes building upward, sometimes reaching inward, Tom's soaring melodies accompanied by Alex Blundell's tasty leads evoke the reflective contemplation sought by poets. Allan Bates and Paul Kimmel complete the band and needless to say Dynamite Walls is on the verge."

[Dynamite Walls]

Also playing is Stereofix, winner of the 2010 OCMA's Best Alternative Band Award. These guys have been compared to rock n' roll's finest (U2, The Killers, Coldplay), and the praise is certainly deserved. They've opened for Everclear, had their catchy tunes used in MTV reality shows, and this is just the beginning for these guys.  OC Weekly's Nate Jackson said it best, Casting nets of effects-laden guitar, modern-rock gloss and radio-ready appeal, Fountain Valley quartet Stereofix seem poised for major-label courtship.” 


Last but certainly not the least, Italian Japanese. According to ReverbNation, "their sound- although compared to the likes of The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, Phoenix, Interpol, MGMT, etc- has a uniqueness that makes them identifiable among the masses of similar genre. Italian Japanese's debut release titled The Lush, Romantic a variety of melodic, dance-style (yet stirringly soulful) tunes, contagious, and bound to captivate the new listener."

[Italian Japanese]

There you have it, folks! Like I said: a killer lineup! So do it to it and get your hineys to the HOB next Friday at 8pm!
For ticket info, visit the House of Blues online. Tickets start at only $12.50!


  1. Dynamite Walls signed to Universal Republic records. There is no One Republic records.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Typo corrected. :)


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