Friday, September 10, 2010

Submit a Caption!

Have you noticed our "The Bloggers" sidebar on this page? Well, yesterday Amy and I discussed ideas to reinvent it. I have a new haircut, after all, and Amy...well, there are a lot of pretty pictures of Amy, and they all deserve a fair shot, right?

The problem is, when it came to looking for potential pictures, we were a bit shorthanded on "serious" ones. The ones our mums and grandmums would be proud of. There was, however, a surplus of goofy pictures that our families would be less than thrilled about. I'll show you just what I mean.

This is what we came up with:

Less than flattering, right? While we're the fun-loving type that don't take ourselves too seriously, we also realize that this sort of silliness is just what make our readers question our credibility (and indeed, our sanity). So, instead of posting this as our new "The Bloggers" banner, we decided to post it here and encourage you guys to comment with your caption ideas! Simply post a comment with your caption idea, with the "box number" in front of it. Here's a "map" to show you the box numbers:


Box 2: "Hello, fabric gods? I'm listening!"

Don't be shy - Have at it! To add some pizazz to the whole thing, when you leave your comment, we'll automatically enter your name in next Monday's Moocher Monday giveaway (prize to be announced...but it's gonna be a good one)! Just leave an email address where we can contact you if you're the winner. Huzzah!

on my blip: The Union Line's "Pearls"


  1. Box 1: "You must be this tall to write this blog"
    Box 2: "Paisley and Patchouli are a girl's best friends."
    Box 3: "Hi, I'm Amy ... and i'm a blogaholic." (by far the toughest one)
    Box 4: "How did the pirate eat the corn? With buttaaarrrrrrrrr"

  2. Luke this is HILARIOUS!!!! hahahah. Touche my friend. Touche.


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