Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Weekend: Project Bandaloop!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person left in OC who hasn't seen Cirque Du Soleil. Is it true? Have you, like me, still not seen (what I presume to be) the magical, fantastical spectacle the lovely traveling team sets in motion before wowing oohing-and-ahhing audiences worldwide? Well, pocketbook restrictions interfered in my attending Cirque Du Soleil's much-anticipated Kooza appearance at the OC Great Park this year, so imagine my sheer joy and sweet relief upon hearing about Project Bandaloop.

Oh, what? You haven't heard of Project Bandaloop? Someone's not been reading the Events page in The OC Gazette....(by the way, that links to October's events, so you'll have to trust me that September's page did indeed list P.J.). Tsk tsk. Well, no matter - allow me to tell you now:

Project Bandaloop is one of the most unique contemporary dance companies in the world, and is reappearing at the OC Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa to repeat their 2007 "Fall for Dance" performance, where they wowed the audience by propelling dancers off and across the exterior walls of Segerstrom Hall. Truly taking dance to unheard-of heights, this dance company blends dance, sport, ritual, and environmental awareness that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Project Bandaloop will be scaling the walls of the Center this Thursday, 
Friday, and Saturday nights at 8:30 pm, and the event is free to the public. 
Bring your blankets and beach chairs and enjoy an unforgettable evening 
under the stars. This event will be Project Bandaloop's world premiere of 
Id Ego with original music composed by Dana Leong.

Click here for Project Bandaloop's website.
Click here for OCPAC's web page for event info.

I'll be there tomorrow night - say hi if you see me!

in my ear buds: The Union Line's "New Song #1"

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