Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Laid Back New Year's Eve

I know that everyone is under extreme duress over the swift approach of Christmas like the Headless Horseman galloping to lob off the head of his next victim. That being said, I hate to even remind everyone about New Year's Eve and pile on the stress about the plans you do or do not have, and accordingly the outfit you do or do not have (it's New Year's Eve, people - one of the most stressful outfit-prepping nights of the year in my book, seeing as it's one of the only holidays where you get to go ALL OUT). But I bring you good tidings, so relax and rest easy.

This December, my lovely co-worker Blythe and I have been participating in Dressember. Dressember is like Hannakuh, except instead of many days of gifts, you get 31 days of dresses! It's day 21, and I am not only running low on new dresses, but I'm looking forward to slipping on a pair of pants as soon as possible. After dressing up all December, I want my New Years Eve to be mellow this year, which is why I was so excited when I heard about the OC Fair's New Year's Eve Block Party.  Who doesn't love a block party? Friends, fun, potlucks, games, music... there is nothing not to love. The OC Fair is taking this to the next level for New Year's Eve: 50 gourmet food trucks to choose from; not one, but over four great cover bands spanning the decades [including Jumping Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones), Journey Unauthorized (Journey), Dead Man's Party (Oingo Boingo), and Stepping Feet (Dave Matthew's Band)]; DJ's and karaoke (what block party is complete without karaoke?); free carnival rides; and a demolition derby! There really is something for the whole family at this New Year's Eve party. 

So leave your sequins and fur in the closet this New Year's Eve, give yourself a much needed break after the hectic holidays, and head over to the Fair for some laid back fun. 

Click here for ticket info.

- Amy
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