Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Phantoms Phorever: Art + Language at MCAS El Toro

The OC Great Park has got a great event coming up this Thursday, Dec. 9. At 8:00 in the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, the "Phantoms Phorever: Art + Language at MCAS El Toro" exhibit will commence. A group of photographers, known as the Legacy Group, who were documenting the base closure found scads of old paintings and drawings left behind on walls and other blank surfaces by artistically inclined Marines looking for a way to express themselves. The buildings themselves are already mostly gone, but the artwork still remains thanks to The Legacy Group. You might remember the Legacy Group from their work on "The Great Picture," the world's largest photo made by the world's largest camera at El Toro's historic hangars. We featured Legacy Group member Jacques Garnier a few months ago within the pages of The OC Gazette. 

The exhibit is kind of like Inception, except instead of a dream within a dream, you get artwork within artwork. And unlike Inception, you won't leave questioning your existence, but rather enriched with Orange County history and culture from a bygone era. The show features oversized photographs from all 6 members of the Legacy Group documenting the artwork made by marines who served at El Toro between the 1943 and 1999. Head over to The OC Great Park webiste for more details here

- Amy
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