Friday, August 14, 2009


Today I'd like to post a shameless endorsement. This one's in memory of Billy Mays, may he rest in peace. This all-smiles, "it really works!," endorsement [cue smile sparkle] goes out to Pura Vida Day Spa in Laguna Niguel. The spa is our next-door neighbor here in 3 Flags Center and are a blast to work next to (our quirky center boasts an eclectic mix, with a wig shop flanking a South African Food Store and a Music School - needless to say all our neighbors are a blast to work next to). The other day Pura Vida had an open house and lured me into their store with the enticement of free mini taquitos and a complimentary microdermabrasion treatment. Get my face primped while feasting on Fred's Mexican Food? Yes please.

So I tried the first treatment which was free. Saw a little difference in my problematic skin, and thought i would try a series of the treatment. They cut me a sweet deal, as great neighbors do, and 5 weeks later i can actually say that it really did work! Between the treatments, the new face wash they gave me and a newfangled face-massaging brush called a Clarisonic (think one of those power toothbrushes, but bigger and for your face), my face is smooth and clear and wonderfully presentable! Now i don't have to fear the brutally exposing fluorescent lights at my office! Here it comes... the kicker endorsement statement...."Thank You Pura Vida!" [enthusiastic thumbs up and broad grin go here].

-blemish-less* Jen
on my iPod: The Apples in Stereo's Energy

*blemish-less as in mostly... personality flaws and character traits don't count and should be blamed on either my upbringing or the effects of mass media...

ps- should you want to go in and say "hi" to the ladies at Pura Vida, look for their special deals in The Gazette first! Click here and go to page 25 for all their latest economy-proof specials. Then say "hi" to Sally, Marilee, Anita, Rocio and the rest of the Pura Vida team for me!

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