Tuesday, August 18, 2009

it's Crunch Time at THE GAZETTE Office

Every month, our deadlines come together in a devastatingly beautiful union; all ad approvals, editorial revisions, photo retouchings, and contributor pieces are declared "past due," and everyone in the office seems to take on what I call the "hell week jitters." Despite Sara's blurred vision, Amy's cramped hand (an early sign of photoshop-carpal), Jen's waning sense of humor, and my own increasingly biting sarcasm, we always seem to be able to press on and make it through the week alive- and what's more, the magazine always seems to come out okay (dare I say "amazing?") in spite of the organized chaos around here.

While there doesn't seem to be a consistent "method" to maintaining our sanity around here, our chosen strategy this month includes:
- chocolate crossiants,
- Bad to the Bone BBQ, and
- Kings of Leon

And I'll leave you with this tasty morsel; a completely spontaneous -yet thoroughly awesome- picture:

A Baby Hippo!

One day this little guy will become a dangerous brute and a threat to smaller life forms everywhere (including us), but for now, isn't he the sweetest?


On my iPod: Kings of Leon's My Party

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