Friday, August 28, 2009

Ugly Is SO The New Black

Do you ever wonder if the current style is "ugly"? The 80's were a dark time in fashion in my opinion. I'm no style consultant or historian, so that is purely opinion, and one that I firmly, FIRMLY, stand by. I'm not comparing our current fashion era with the 80's. I actually really like the current fashion trends for the most part. Those cute little leather ankle booties - I've got a pair. Those great rugged moto leather jackets - I've got one of those too. Skinny jeans - check. Gladiator Sandals - amen. All things metallic - oh baby. But some trends I see I just wonder, "Is ugly the new style?"

For instance, why would you ever want to bring back the crop top? WHY? And yet I see them as I walk through the Irvine Spectrum and look into the windows. I know it's not Rodeo Drive, but still, they're there. In the store window. Which means someone out there is buying them. And wearing them. But the real one that I just can't wrap my brain around is the slouchy pant style. The ones that balloon at the top and then get fitted at the ankle. The ones that look like MC Hammer and Aladdin got together to design. Those ones. (Note: I googled it and they are called "Harem Pants".) I just don't understand those! They even make runway models look fat. So where does that leave the rest of us women of the world? It takes me back to that feeling I had in my college calculus class right before I dropped it-confusion.

But that's the fun of trends and fasion. They're like movie trailers. You see them and pass a quick 'yay' or 'nay' judgement upon them despite the fact that you are not a movie critic, but just a humble graphic designer from Orange County with no real authority on the matter.

- Amy

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