Thursday, August 27, 2009

Steven Tyler, new magazines and a call for ideas!

This story starts with a brown paper package not-tied-with string. It was a box of freshly printed Gazette Magazines to be left for our entertainment writers, Jill and Gary of Jill and Gary aren't the kind of people for which "the standard procedures" will do. I mean Gary is a 7ft tall [overexaggeration] photographer extraordinaire and Jill is like a walking box of music trivia cards. One feels one must go the extra mile to impress such impressive people. That task was mine so i took to what comes naturally to me, timely doodles. Jill and Gary were recently mourning the cancellation of the Aerosmith tour they were set to go see in August. So on their box of freshly printed Gazette Magazines, I scrawled out an image of Steven Tyler - diva coat, feather boa, striped pants and all.

Speaking of feather boas, we need your help for some great ideas on future Gazette editorial topics. Do you know of any great local histories you'd like to see us cover? Any interesting neighbors we should know about who's story we should share with the world? A local charity you're involved with that's serving local needs? Let us know, we want this to be your local magazine for your reading pleasure!

Which brings me to the final point: we will be at the Mission Viejo Reader's Festival this September 12th along with jukebox hero Henry Winkler (the Fonze) and suspense super-writer Dean Koontz. So come out and say "hi!"


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