Friday, November 13, 2009

7 Reasons not to fear Friday the 13th

"Very Superstitious." Aren't we all, Stevie? Especially on that very rare occaison when Friday falls on the 13th. Maybe it's Jason the hockey masked serial killer, maybe it's the fact that over 80% of skyrises don't have a 13th floor, maybe it's the fact that reputable institutions like hospitals and hotels don't have rooms numbered 13. How can we be expected not to turn irrational over these things when even the powers that be seem to fear the number?! Well I am here to give you 7 simple reasons not to fear this day of Friday the 13th so that you can go out, drive your car and enjoy your Friday night accordingly!

1. The Lakers are best in the west again. Even without big man Pau Gasol, who will likely be out till Christmas (but we won't talk about that since this blog is meant to be about the brighter side of this dreary day), Kobe and the Lake Show breezed past Nash and the Phoenix Suns, winning 121 to 102 last night. Sure Phoenix was just coming off of a tough schedule, but even fresh as daisies, the outcome would have been no different. If we can do this without one of our best players, and one of the best power forwards in the league, think of how unstoppable we will be after Christmas! I can already see the locker room champagne shower and Phil wearing his custom "XI" cap.

2. Pirate Radio comes out this weekend. This movie looks awesome. It's based on the true story of a group of DJs who set up shop just off the shores of England on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic and illegally blasted rock n' roll (which was banned at the time) over the airwaves. Our sales manager Candice lived in London during this time and remembers listening to Radio Caroline while she was stationed there with her husband who was in the service. "It was funny, because it would go off the air for a few days every now and then because the feds would get onto where they were at," Candice reminisced. With such a premise and an ensemble of amazingly hilarious actors that includes Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Nick Frost and Bill Nighy, I can't imagine this movie will not be good.

3. You are still reading this blog. That means your alive and kicking! It may be a cursed day but you've survived thus far.

4. It's casual Friday! I always think of that episode of The Office about how Michael Scott started Casual Friday just so that he could wear his favorite pair of Levis. There's nothing better and more comforting than a comfortable pair of denims. Even if you cross the path of a black cat, drop a mirror, fall and break your leg, or fall prey to whatever other superstitious calamity today supposedly brings, at least you will do it in the comfort and style of your favorite pair of jeans instead of that itchy polyester blend suit.

5. It finally feels like fall! We all love the benefit of almost year round summer weather here in Orange County, but isn't sweater weather fun every now and again? The best part about autumn in SoCal? It's still warm. Autumn in NY is 30 to 40 degrees with a wind chill factor of 20 degrees. We are living the dream people. Check out Jen's guide to enjoying this fall/winter weather - trust me, you want to!

6. It's Still 2009! With the opening of 2012 on one of the most cursed of days, people are freaked. But hey, look on the bright side - if you believe in the Mayan calendar, we've got two more years! I personally don't, but this movie looks terrifying none the less. So the bright side for me is that at least this movie's got John Cusack. Remember The Sure Thing? Or the loveable Lloyd Dobbler of Say Anything? Who could forget the "In Your Eyes" scene? Where John Cusack is involved, there is nothing to be afraid of.

7. It's Movember. November is the month of the mustache. I love a good mustache. There's nothing more manly or rugged. They are glorious. Except when on women. Although I think Jen and I wear one fairly well (I'm the twin on the left). My favorite 'staches: Tom Sellick, George Parros, Daniel Day Lewis as Bill The Butcher (my favorite), Burt Reynolds, and the list goes on.

- Amy
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