Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The OC Gazette Press Week Survival Guide

It's press week again here at the Gazette. It comes once a month, just like many other unpleasant things, among which are rent, bills, and - well I'm going to stop right there. Every month it comes, every month we think we won't survive it, and every month we do in fact survive it. When tensions are mounting, nerves are on edge, deadlines are bearing down on you like the Grim Reaper, and the slightest misread twitch from a co-worker is able to set you off like Nicholas Cage in Face Off [Fig. 1], it's easy to forget that "this too shall pass." So how do we make it through? After many press weeks and much trial and error, the following are the things that have become holy writ when the dreaded Press Week descends upon us:

[Fig. 1]

1. Caffeine
All forms are welcomed. I prefer Coca-Cola. (It really is a problem, actually.) But coffee is my second favorite form, and probably my co-workers first. Peets [Fig. 2], It's A Grind, Starbucks; All of the coffee houses within a 1o mile radius of our office are well patroned during this week. The key when ordering a coffee during press week is getting maximum caffeine, but keeping it light. You've got to steer clear of the heavy, sweet yummy stuff, or at least go non fat on them. Otherwise the coffee you bought to give you a swift kick in the pants will instead leave you uncomfortably full, tired, $4.00 lighter, and 5 pounds heavier. My seasoned suggestion: A non fat iced caramel macchiato with an extra shot. They're tasty, they're light, they're refreshing, and they'll get you going.

[Fig. 2: Peet's off of El Toro is Jen's favorite dealer]

2. The Cheesecake Factory
We always treat ourselves to The Factory on the night of our final upload of the magazine to the printers over at Freedom Printing. (Shout out to Carlos, Mark and all the guys!) We get to get out of the office, remember what the outdoors feels like, remember that the world still turns outside of The OC Gazette, and get some tasty, tasty food. The menu is a short novel, so we always have plenty to choose from; Which plethora of options Sara always takes advantage of and Jen and I always disregard for our usual herb-crusted salmon with mashed potatoes. We're creatures of habit. I'm not proud of it. But salmon is very good for your complexion in my defense. Anyways, we always have the best servers (Shout out to the Osbornes and the Tengs!), and we always manage to catch a Lakers or Angels game which is a huge plus.

[Fig. 3] Nay for The Avett Brothers

[Fig. 4] Yay for Glasvegas

3. Catchy, upbeat, PEPPY music
When you're working long nights, close quarters, you've got to have the right music to keep you in an upbeat, efficient, and positive mood. Ray Lamontagne, Death Cab For Cutie, and The Avett Brothers [Fig. 3] are all forsaken for anything with a quick beat, catchy melody, and sing-a-long gang vocals are a huge plus - even stooping to cheesy tween pop like the Jo-Bros, as we like to call the Jonas Brothers. Anything that gets you laughing hysterically and singing along is good. And what does that better than embarrassing-I-hope-no-one-ever-finds-out-I-listen-to-this-sometimes pop music? Some of our more proud frequent listening choices include The Kings of Leon, my all time favorite (even outside of press week) Glasvegas [Fig. 4], Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Shys, and more recently Van Morrison. All upbeat, with great driving drum beats.

The December issue is coming soon, but to hold you over, head over to and read this amazing interview with our favorite Elvis/Robert Plant/Bob Marley impersonator [and OC native might I add], Tortelvis of Dread Zeppelin.

- Amy
on our Pandora: Demi Lovato's "Don't Forget" (I warned you. Don't judge us.)

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