Friday, December 18, 2009

Acoustic Christmas Benefit Concert

[Cory Joseph]

Today's blog may be a little shorter and less coherent than usual, but it's press week again over here at The OC Gazette HQ.  But there was an event I had to let you know about: Tonight at The Gypsy Lounge is the 4th Annual "Acoustic Christmas" Toy Drive! There are going to be a million different musicians including all of your favorite Gypsy Lounge usuals as well as some new guys. Sarah Nicole will start the show off at 8 pm and closing out the show will be Living Machine who will go on around 1:45 (which really probably means about 2:45). The lineup is below - get your scroller finger ready, because it's a doosey. Obviously as inferred by the name there will be a toy drive to benefit Hollywood Heart, a charity founded by David Gale, the Vice President of MTV New Media and Specialty Films Division. Check out some of their awesome programs by visiting their website.

[Rocco Deluca]

Also at the Gypsy for the rest of the month will be ROCCO DELUCA every Tuesday night. This upcoming Tuesday, Jack Bauer/Keiffer Sutherland's L.A. rockers (that's right - this band is so B.A. that they have Jack Bauer as a manager) will be supported by one of our favorite local acts, Janu and The Whalesharks (fronted by brother/sister duo Jake and Sarah Papas, who's voices meld together perfectly over drums, bass, guitar and a mean banjo). 

[Janu and The Whalesharks]

Also on the Dec 22nd lineup will be Gyspy staples, AJ Degrasse (kind of like a mixture of Mark Cohn, Joe Cocker, Bruce Hornsby) and Chris Karn from Deccatree (haven't heard him solo yet, but Deccatree puts out some awesome 90's-esque rock, so I have high expectations). 

So there are two shows coming up at one of our favorite local venues. Say hi to the owner Mike up in the soundbooth for us. 

- Amy
On my iTunes: Radiohead's "Nice Dream"

Acoustic Christmas Lineup:

8:00 - Sarah Nicole
8:15 - Mike Peralta
8:30 - Robin Orr
8:45 - Shaw
9:00 - Alice Wallace
9:15 - Paulie Pesh
9:30 - Brenna Whitaker
9:45 - James Below
10:00 - Cory Joseph (lead singer of Sleepless Me - reminds me of Jeff Buckley)
10:15 - Mike Vitale
10:30 - Fallborn
10:45 - Natalie Watts
11:00 - Julie Bell
11:15 - Josh Mohr
11:30 - Kurt Hunter
11:45 - Danny Maika 
12:00 - Gayle Skidmore
12:15 - AJ Degrasse
12:30 - Pawn Shop Kings 
12:45 - Chris Paul Overall 
1:00 Chris Karn from Deccatree
1:15 - Joe Denges from Hollowell
1:30 - Skee
1:45 - Living Machine

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