Thursday, December 3, 2009

If the OC Gazette were a Monster...

If the December 09 Gazette Magazine were a franken-monster, this would be its anatomy:
The Head would be an orange because The OC Gazette is dedicated to everything local in Orange County (See proof here).
One of the Franken-Gazette's eyes would be the twinkly eye of Santa Claus (see why here).
His nose would be that of a wine critic (see why here on page 13).
His body wold be that of a lithe, young conductor (see why here).
His hand would hold a lolli pop (see why here).
He would be screaming in his zombie slur: "Bah Humbug!" (see why here).
He would be sporting a Newport Beach captain's hat (see why here).
He would have bolts holding his skull together (why not?)
He would be donning the head mic of Bono (see why here).
He would be stowing away NY's Upper Crust Pizza in his pocket (see why here).
He would be wearing fashionable slacks (see why here on page 8).
And he would be sprinting for all the killer deals in Orange County that even franken-monsters cannot resist. Flip through all the local deals HERE if you live in south county and HERE if you live in central county.

Click the image below to view a larger detailed anatomy diagram of the Franken-Gazette.

Cheers, my fellow Orange Countians,

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