Thursday, December 10, 2009


Calling all our female readers: It is still not too late to jump on the Dressember bandwagon! What is Dressember, you ask? Well, pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Dressember is a month of dress-wearing. The idea is to wear a dress every day. It doesn't necessarily require different dresses (ie: repetition is allowed), simply that you wear a dress every day in December.

It started with a vision, and POOF! It became a reality. I dreamed it up a couple weeks ago and it's spreading like wildfire! Just look, the Gazette office is catching on:

(click on any photo to make it bigger)

United in our dresses we stand:

You can see a full recap by visiting my personal blog (click HERE).

We heartily invite you to join in on the Dressember magic! Email me your Dressember photos at blythe[at]theocgazette[dot]com, and I'll include you in our Dressember Wrap-up post at the end of the month!

Happy Dressember!


On my iTunes: The Union Line's "Goldmine" (they're playing at the Anaheim House of Blues this Friday, btw...See you there?)

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  1. what a cute cute idea :) I love it !!!! XoXo Love you Blythe !!!


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