Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tenley Molzahn at Mission Viejo Nordstrom

I had the pleasure of attending the Mission Viejo Nordstrom's Fall Fashion Show last Thursday night, where fresh looks for fall- including Holiday wear- were displayed for a group of eager fashion enthusiasts. An exciting element to the night was Tenley Molzahn of The Bachelor and The Bachelor Pad strutting her stuff down the runway as one of Nordstom's models for the night.

 [Tenley's look #1 - Click to enlarge]

  [Tenley's look #2 - Click to enlarge]

  [Holiday Party Wear - Click to enlarge]

I was able to chat with Tenley for a few minutes after the show- we talked about her man Kiptyn, her great jeans by Hollywood Million Denim, and local nonprofit Lily of the Valley Orphanage.

[Me & Tenley]

 She's super nice, down to earth, and has a big heart for those in need. And guess what, guys?! Tenley agreed to an interview with OCG for the December issue! Stay tuned for that goodness!

Leave a comment with any questions you'd like us to ask Tenley for the article! :)


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