Friday, October 1, 2010

Project Bandaloop! (Again!)


I drove up to Costa Mesa last night with a few friends to see Project Bandaloop; we went early, staked out a spot in front of Segerstrom Hall at OCPAC, spread a blanket, then hit up Hans' Ice Cream (we're those people who save a spot and then leave for an hour....sorry). By the way, if you haven't been to Hans', go. It is so delicious! And you know we love locally owned stops around here- when I went last night Hans himself was working and serving us our treats! I recommend the mint chip "munchie" (chocolate covered mint chip ice cream pop) and the chocolate peanut butter cookie dough (that's chocolate ice cream with chunks of peanut butter cookie cookie dough)! Wow, still drooling. 

Anyway, we got back to our spot about an hour before show time, and the place was already bustling. Glad to see you love free stuff, OC! The show started right on time, and it was awesome! Many people in the crowd - myself included - laid back on their blankets and gazed up at the wall-scaling acrobats. There was even a suspended trombonist! Pictures to prove:

As with most magical experiences, pictures truly cannot do justice. Lucky for you, if you missed last night, you can still go tonight or tomorrow night at 8:30pm to see Project Bandaloop in action! Two thumbs up from this blogger.

I strongly recommend going at least an hour early to claim your spot! Why not bring a picnic? My friends and I were a bit jealous to see how many people brought wine and/or beer to the show- wish I'd thought of that!


on my iTunes: Beirut's "Elephant Gun"

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