Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dressember Recap

or What I learned from a month of wearing only dresses:

1) Dressing up makes me feel good. The sort of "ready for life" good. I felt prepared for any professional or social occasion. I'll admit that my apparel was not as well suited for manual labor and/or domestic activities. Luckily, men exist for toilet repair (a necessary task at my residence last month), and I don't do chores (kidding. sort of).

2) Dresses are comfortable. I'm not the skin-tight-dress sort of wearing lass, so I found my flowy frocks quite freeing (and poetically inspiring, apparently).

3) Dresses are easy. It's a whole outfit, in one piece. What could be easier than that? Other one-piece outfits include: jumpsuits, rompers, leotards, and moo moos- all of which are arguably less fashionable than most dresses. I could even throw in overalls for good measure, but those aren't exactly on the hot list of fashion right now. Or ever, for that matter.

4) Dresses are warm enough for California Decembers. A dress + tights + a cardigan or light coat was my standby recipe for warmth during my month of dresses. I found it to be a satisfactory checklist.

5) Dresses are cute. Turns out most heterosexual men think dresses are attractive on women. My boyfriend loved my month of dresses, which kind of makes me a good girlfriend by default, don't you think?

Now, to be fair, I'll address the drawbacks of a month-long dress-sesh by discussing:

1) Pants are functional. Remember the manual labor and domestic duties I mentioned above? Well, in pants, you got it covered (literally). Need to fix a toilet? You're good to go. Provided you know how to fix a toilet.
Beyond plunging with gusto, I do not.

2) Pants are stress-free. Not that dresses are stressful, but you certainly don't have to worry about how you're sitting or whether your legs are crossed when you're wearing pants. That makes for a carefree day, if you ask me.

3) Pants are unisex. Guys have been buying girl pants lately, and I've known girls who buy mens' pants for years. If you're into equal opportunity, unity of the sexes, or tight/baggy jeans, this perk is on your side.

4) Pants give you another option. I'll admit it: I got tired of wearing dresses. I missed having the option of wearing pants if I wanted to. According to my boyfriend, I always had the option of wearing pants, but I disagree; when a girl makes a public declaration in the blogosphere that she intends to wear only dresses for a month, she does not have the option to wear pants, even on the sly. And I didn't. I promise.
You're going to have to take my word for it.


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