Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OC Music Awards Local Showcases!

Orange County got our yearly dose of torrential rain last week, but now we're seeing blue skies once again! Huzzah! Spring is in the air! Ok, so maybe it's still two months away ("officially"), but it's hard to deny that the waves of Spring-esque wonderment are starting to sprout. Valentine's Day is coming soon, which rouses up the notorious "Spring Fever" (and stay tuned for our exclusive outpouring of OC love from local business owners, celebrities, green movement figures, and more). Also, with daylight savings coming a bit earlier this year (March 14th- that's earlier than usual, right?), our days will be brighter longer, and we'll be more capable of frolicking out and about and into the night (in theory. I still need a full eight hours of sleep, so we'll see how it goes...). Another special something to look forward to is the 2010 Orange County Music Awards, held at the Grove of Anaheim.
Every year, local musicians and bands are recognized at this exciting event. With 24 categories of awards, the show honors local talent in all musical genres. Categories include: a People's Choice Award, an OC Impact Award, two sets of Showcase Series for Best Live Band and Best Live Acoustic, Academy Nominated Awards (members of the Academy include local venue owners, music writers, production managers, talent buyers, music critics, booking agents, etc), and more.

The Showcase Awards are given through a series of showcases- 20 bands and 15 acoustic musicians compete over 3 or 4 different showcase nights, and the final 5 groups in each category play together in two rousing nights (the excitement in the air comprable to the NFC and AFC playoffs last Sunday...in my humble opinion). See below for the remaining showcase dates (the final showcase nights listed in orange, below the image).

Here's the showcase lineup through the month of February:

You definitely don't want to miss these dates:
Fri. 2/26, 8pmLive Acoustic Finals, FREE, All Ages-  
at The Yost Theater, Santa Ana
Sat. 2/27, 8pmLive Band Finals, FREE, All Ages- 
at OCPAC's Samueli Theater 
Sat. 3/6, 8pm – OC Music Awards 
($25, All Ages) at The Grove of Anaheim

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