Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The January issue is OUT!

"Here at last, it is here at last!"

If Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, he might well be a fan and follower of The OC Gazette magazine. It's hard to say, since The OCG is still a fairly young mag (in our 4th year!), and MLK, Jr. is no longer with us, God rest his soul. 

In just a couple Mondays, on Jan. 17th, we'll celebrate a man who made a lasting impact on our nation- and on the world (U2 even wrote about this influential man, and they're from Dublin). He is what you might call a titan of history. 

Along with celebrating the life and impact of this extraordinary man, we're currently celebrating the very recent release of The OCG's January issue. This is our biggest issue yet, and is chock-full of goodies, like: Kelly Mac's Back 2 Basics Fitness Boot Camp- a boot camp that is actually effective and fun, Q&A with OC Mountain Bike and BMX Hall of Famer Brian Lopes, a Day in the Life of local musician Rocco Deluca, a History of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, the Art of Surfboard Shaping, a Spotlight on a great local nonprofit, Sports Gift, that provides underprivileged kids with sports equipment and jerseys, an up close review of Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd)'s recent show at Staples, a list of over 25 great local events, and plenty more!

All that to say, Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (soon), and happy reading (now)! 


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