Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New FREE Music From Pithy Sweet

Every now and again you get that itch for some new music. Your iTunes starts to lose it's wonderment and like a fickle lover, you leave it in search of new and exciting pastures. I recently stumbled upon Fullerton based psychedelic rock three-piece, Pithy Sweet. They played Fullerton's Continental Room to a crowded house on January 13th in celebration of the release of their debut EP Hole In My Pocket.

Our lovely friend Ashley Eliot over at Across The Universe PR has given our OC Gazette readers an early Valentine's Day present. You can download "Fight To This Song," one of the four songs on Pithy Sweet's new EP, for FREE by clicking below!

FREE DOWNLOAD: "Fight To This Song" by Pithy Sweet

This is just one side to the diverse EP. From garage rock to hypnotic mellow jams, Hole In My Pocket covers the broad spectrum of emotions. Pithy Sweet is made up of Ben Kent on vocals and guitar, Evan Novorot on bass and Robert Burrison on drums. There are definite traces of The Black Keys, one of the boy's noted influences, as well as that classic New York grunge rock feel in the music of Pithy Sweet. It's clear these guys have been raiding their dads' album collections and taking diligent notes. 

You can find out more about Pithy Sweet by following them on facebook.

- Amy
Listening to: Pithy Sweet's "Stella"

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