Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tips for this Valentine's Day from the Bra Whisperer

With Valentine's Day a little over two weeks away, we went to Susan Nethero, the Bra Whisperer herself (featured on Oprah, The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and founder of Intimacy Boutique), and asked for some tips for creating an intimate occasion.

OCG: What are the current lingerie trends people can expect for Valentine's Day and going into the spring season?
SN: The colors this year are exquisite! Lots of purple, red, fuchsia, electric blue and turquoise. This was evident on the red carpet during the golden globes.  White is also being considered as a color trend in bras.

These same colors also hold true in sleepwear. We are seeing that bust support is still the order of the day, with silhouettes that fit a little looser around the middle.

For gifts later in the spring season, the "it" bra colors are more mutely toned taupes, creams, and peaches.

OCG: Any hot new brands/bras and personal current favorites to look out for ?
-Aubade’s Etreinte Polynesienne bra and panty set really sets the mood for the perfect romantic getaway:

-Chantelle’s new Africa tie die bra in gorgeous hues of navy and electric blue is just stunning for valentine’s day and into the spring season:

-Love Love Curves Eva  is a darling chemise with a built in bust perfect for girls who need a little extra va-va-voom up top. 
-Else Bra Sized chemise, in contrast, is the ideal silhouette for the fuller bust as the bra sized silhouette has a gorgeous and flattering fit for the fuller busted gal.  
-And the Cosabella satin & lace because it’s just so sexy… provides the perfect baby doll silhouette!
OCG: Any fun/new accessories?
SN: We have a new really cute hanky panky called ‘etched rose’ that just arrived. It’s adorable- light pink a soft gray etched rose pattern:

OCG: Can you give us four tips for male Valentine's Day shoppers?
1) Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Men can get a little freaked out and embarrassed, but most men will find that our staff is extremely professional and very eager to help him choose the perfect gift.
2) Take a peek in her lingerie drawer when she isn’t looking. Pay attention to colors she’s drawn to, as well as sizes and fabrics so that you have a good idea of what she likes.
3) Pick something out that you like too! After all, even if it’s a little out of her comfort zone, she is going to want to look attractive for you.
4) Lingerie pairs well with soft candle light, romantic music, maybe a bubble bath and some champagne? Take the time to create a romantic space for your honey! Women can feel insecure about their bodies, and setting the mood can really help to uplift her confidence!

Intimacy also tries to make it extremely easy for male shoppers whose wives/girlfriends/friends have been in before.  Each customer has a profile in our customer system, where they can keep track of what styles and sizes have been purchased.  This profile system allows men to be able to come in and look up their significant other's bra track record for tips, ideas, and even see if they have anything on their wish list!

Visit Intimacy's website and Facebook for more tips and secrets about how the right bra can make you look and feel your sexiest! 


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