Friday, January 28, 2011

Kelly Mac at the OC Marketplace this weekend!

"Be fit and think fabulous." These are the encouraging words chosen by Kelly Mac in regard to your fitness goals for 2011. Think fabulous! We all know January is the time to make fitness resolutions, and almost everyone makes one, in some form or another; but beyond making the resolution, what have you done to work toward accomplishing it? Sometimes, Most of the time, we need a helping hand. That's where Kelly steps up to the plate. Her passion is helping individuals get fit and meet their fitness goals for themselves. She wants you to look and feel like a fabulous version of yourself in 2011!

Kelly heads up Back 2 Basics Fitness Boot Camp, a boot camp that meets locally. This weekend, Kelly Mac will be at the OC Marketplace (formerly- or casually- known as the swap meet)- come out and meet her! She'll be there to talk to you about her commitment to you and your commitment to yourself.

Whether you've been thinking about joining a boot camp, thinking about amping up your exercise routine, or just want to make a new friend, come our and meet Kelly this Saturday and/or Sunday! To sweeten the deal, mention The OC Gazette to cash in on this sweet deal:

Read more about Kelly in the January issue of The OC Gazette.

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