Thursday, October 22, 2009

El Camino Real: The New Rodeo Drive?

This Friday at 5pm you'll want to be in the San Clemente Art Supply parking lot. No there's not a gang fight going or a drug deal going down - what do you take me for? Two former Saddleback College students turned designers will be joining forces for "Day and Night: Fashion Show of Joseph Morris and Damien Mathis". The event name refers to the yin and yang of the two designers: Joseph Morris is creating the "Day" look using fabrics such as hand dyed silks, velvet, earth toned cottons and bright colors. Damien's line, "Night", is the opposite, incorporating leather materials in darker colors.

Joseph came up with the idea of the show as a means to get his name out and as a way to set aright some common misnomers about fashion, mainly that "it is okay for a dude to sew".

The event promises 11 artists showing and selling art, hors d'oevres from local catering company "Grass Roots", and a performance by Kai Kalama of American Idol. While enjoying the food and art you can play Who's Who in fashion as there will be many familiar faces from the fashion industry present. The show will consist of three runway shows set tentatively for 6pm, 8pm, and 10pm.

There's nothing better than seeing a fellow Saddleback alum take life by the horns and make things happen. Who knows? This could be the beginnings of San Clemente as a bustling fashion hub. Look out NY! Move over Paris! El Camino Real could be the new Rodeo Drive.


On my iTunes right now: Third Eye Blind's
Motorcycle Drive By

For more info check out the Saddleback College Fashion Dept. blog

Many current and former Saddleback students will be involved in set-up, artist booths, dressing the models, and modeling. Take a gander. You might recognize someone. I did! (Hey Melissa Wantabe!) People involved:

Damian Mathis - Designer 10 dresses
Joseph Morris - Designer 20 dresses
Kalina Justice - Cat walk Coordinator/ Announcer for show
Jeremy Matheny - Artist Liaison, Promotions
Jeff Faeth - Lights, Electronics, Choreographer, Announcer
Justin Searles - Graphic Designer/Artist
Jeff Werve - Photographer
Mike Montello - Photographer
Kai Kalama - Band (Soul Rebel Alliance - American Idol Performer)
Ashleigh Waide - dresser
Cistina Tionko - dresser
Melissa Watanabe - dresser
Liz Chavez - dresser
Leili Bazargan - dresser
Dennie Gillard - dresser
Angela D - dresser
Stephanie Moore - dresser
Elizsbeth Bauer - dresser
Hannah Karinai - dresser
Gabryelle Karinai dresser
Brittany Anderson - dresser
Keri Davis - dresser
Kayla Hoffman - dresser
Priya Khosla - dresser
Hannah Self - dresser
Andrea Erpinoza - dresser
Jona Henshall - dresser
Carolina Guarino - dresser
Millisa Doe - dresser
Carie Pytynia Web - makeup
Sirens See Syrens Beauty Parlor - Hair
Wild Roots - Catering food
Shea Grody - Bartender
Ryan Kalama - Band
Art Hansen - Band
Cody lee Adams - Band
Josh Scott - Band
Obie Scott - Band
Nimai Pickup - Band
Scott Tamme - Signature Party Rentales
Patti-Richard Hardell - San Clemente Art Supply
Caleb Coslow - Head of Security
Heather Morales - Fire dancer
Shoshanna Husak - Fire dancer
Katherine Davis - Artist
Chantal deFelice - Artist
Skayler surf - Artist
Geoff Glenn - Artist
Karea - model
Nicole Sandoval - model
Alissa Klinzmann - model
Chandra Krout - model
Kimberly Nutter - model
Olynpia Newlove - model
Gabrielle Werve - model
Stephaine Fisher - model
Luki Okeefe - model
Maddy Williams - model
Tara crawford - model
Hannah unruh - model
Nina Turk - model
Sharon Epstein - model
Shawna Whelan - model
Katie Raw Okeefe - model
Anastassia Tiagbogu - model
Michelle Leon - model
Marlene Castellanos - model
Karen Grise - model
Sara Van Liefde - model
Kari Duran - model
Rianna Russ - model
Celeste Epstein - model


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