Friday, October 23, 2009

Feeding The Children One Pedal At A Time

This Halloween earn your right to pig out on a pillowcase full of candy; Join our good friends Chris Lombardo and Indi Avila over at Ciell Cycling for "Bike-Or-Treat For UNICEF." This is a dual earning of your candy eating rights: Firstly because you will be burning calories on the stationary bikes, and secondly because it is all for a good cause.

UNICEF's mission is "to provide special protection for the most disadvantaged children: victims of war, disasters, extreme poverty, all forms of violence and exploitation, and those with disabilities. Our work aims to fulfill their basic needs and restore their dignity." Since Halloween is mainly a holiday for the children, although inebriated 20- and 30-somethings have been trying to commandeer it for years, it's good to remember that to those whom much is given, much is expected. Everyone is hurting right now, but the fact of the matter is, as we are making huge lifestyle changes to cut back we are realizing that we have been living in excess. If we just buy two less Starbucks coffees a week until Halloween, there's at least $10 for a needy child somewhere AND 2,500 less calories collecting around your thighs. Alright, alright - I'm stepping down from my soap box now. But remember the words of John Lennon, "Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can/ No need for greed or hunger/ A brotherhood of man/ Imagine all the people / Sharing all the world." I know we all need possessions - but like Mom said, "Sharing is caring."

So instead of staging your own sleep-in at The Amsterdam Hilton - John Lennon/Yoko Ono style - or marching on Washington, start small and join Chris and Indi at Ciell Cycling this Halloween morning.


When: 7:30-8:30am, Saturday, October 31st OR Sunday, November 1st
Donation: $10. 100% of proceeds will be donated to UNICEF!
Who: Participants ages 15+ welcome. All riders will receive a Halloween Surprise!
Where: Ceill Cycling 27412 Antonio Pkwy #R-2, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
To reserve your spot: E-mail: info@ciellcycling to reserve your bike or call or text: 949-735-5399

What donations to UNICEF can buy...
$1 Can supply 1 child with a 40-day supply of clean drinking water
$2 Can immunize 20 children against diphtheria, tetanus & whooping cough
$6 Can provide a long-lasting mosquito net to protect against malaria
$15 Can buy one carton of high energy protein biscuits to support and rehabilitate 3 severely malnourished children for 1 month
$45 Can provide school supplies to 20 kids

- Amy

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