Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Great California Shakeout

Today we joined millions of Californians in a uniting event. Earthquakes are as "California" as the OC Fair or the Annual Mooning of the Amtrak. Being as that it, we banded together yet separately under our collective desk for the Great California ShakeOut yesterday. Well, Blythe and I did. Sara and Amy had pressing work to tend to at the moment. You'll see Sara doing just that in the background of this informational video. According to the ShakeOut website, "The purpose of the ShakeOut is to practice how to protect ourselves during earthquakes, and to get prepared at work, school, and home."

We performed the Level 1 – Simple: Drop, Cover, and Hold On Drill. This drill, as the name suggests, is as simple as dropping to the ground, covering one's head, and holding on till the chaos is over. According to the drill manual (yes, there's a manual, and even an audio download with "realistic sound effects and safety information to play during your drill"), you should also be looking around you during the drill to be aware of falling objects and where things might have been displaced. Following is live coverage of our drill which felt very reminiscent of a duck and cover atomic bomb drill from the '50s.

In the words of the ShakeOut promo piece: Shake out, Don't Freak Out.

Be prepared!
Safe travels,


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  1. Much to my sadness, Sarah and Martin would not have made it...but you two did great! Wait, where's Candy???

  2. ...and I meant to spell Sara as gals know I always have at least one edit... shameful.

  3. hahaha... yeah- Candy sadly would not have made the quake haha


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