Thursday, October 1, 2009

Van Gogh in IMAX and Gustavo The Gazette Guardian

Vincent Van Gogh - everyone’s favorite tormented artist, the forgotten in life, memorialized after death genius behind some of the most recognized works of art in the world - is coming to a theater near you! And in IMAX. Forget about The Jonas Brothers in 3D; All the curly locks and brown eyes of Disneydom couldn’t hold a candle to the vivid and almost living masterpieces of Van Gogh (although any gal pre-13 might protest).

Laguna Beach res Greg Macgillivray and his team at MacGillivray Freeman Films is screening Van Gogh: Brush with Genius, today at the Edwards at the Irvine Spectrum at 4:30pm, 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Greg and his Laguna Beach company have been dedicated to the large screen motion picture format since the production of the IMAX® Theatre film, To Fly!, which he co-produced and directed with his partner, the late Jim Freeman in 1976. MacGillivray also worked in Hollywood, directing and photographing for Stanley Kubrick on The Shining, and filming for the Academy Award® nominees Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Towering Inferno. MacGillivray is well-known in the industry for artistic and technical innovation in the giant format. He has initiated the development of two cameras for the IMAX® format.

The Gazette was invited to the “One Day Family and Friends Screening” (we did an Off the Record piece on Greg back in April 09, you can see it here), so we will be going to the 4:30 today to “Plunge into the heart of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings and retrace the artist’s life as we read his letters and take in the beautiful locations that inspired him.” From what I can gather from the trailer, an amazing French narrator speaks throughout the film as the voice of Van Gogh, giving his opinions on his own work and even his opinions of the people and curators working with his art today. The film looks into the locations that inspired his works, and tries to reveal a part of Van Gogh “far removed from the ‘tragic artist’ image which he is known by.” You can check out the trailer below.

And lastly, a completely unrelated introduction. World, meet Gustavo the Gazette Guardian, a new member to the Gazette team, inducted by myself after a near-theft incident in which 2 boxes of Gazette magazines intended for Jill and Gary, our entertainment writers and the masterminds behind were presumed missing! It turned out that we merely misplaced them. But so was born this hero.


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