Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arts and Crafts Time

Blythe and I went for a second coffee run today after a mishap which involved blythes grande starbucks all over her lap - and good thing we did, for at our Oso Starbucks we found a silver lining to the metaphorical cloud that was becoming our day; A postcard for the Handmade Brigade of Orange County's Holiday Indie Craft Fair.

[Mr. Kate necklace... this is only one of many gems my friends]

Remember preschool? When things were simpler? Coloring, recess, lunch, nap time, and then arts and crafts. The stresses and strains of life seemed to be non-existent inside those classroom walls. Your biggest worry was the wasps nest in the steeple of the the giant twirly slide, or whether or not you could convince Jimmy to trade you his Gushers for your pretzels. We just cut, and pasted, and glittered, without a care in the world. Today, as Blythe and I prepared our second round of coffees, reading the postcard, we realized that this was our chance to go back in time and experience the ignorant bliss of arts and crafts time all over again.

The only difference is now, instead of trading macaroni necklaces with Penny (the girl that always smelled like pee) you'll be surrounded by over 50 different vendors and artists offering some of the most beautiful soaps, cards, clothing, jewelry, and crafts you've ever seen. Vendors involved in this years event include: Modern Day Saints, ClosetMob, Kiss Every Comma, The Mincing Mockingbird, Salvage Life, Tyler Bender Book Co., Mini and Maximus, Cynthia Morehouse, Mr. Kate and more. For a full listing go here.

Remember how mom's face would light up when you gave her that popsicle stick picture frame? Recapture that this year and do your holiday shopping down at The Holiday Indie Craft Show at The Camp. As great as getting 4 gift cards to Best Buy is, there's bound to be a handcrafted pillow, art print, shirt, or original piece of vintage jewelry to delight every member of the family. Here's to going back to the simpler things in life!

The Holiday Indie Craft Show
November 1st at The Camp, 11am - 5pm
Free Admission AND Goodie Bags for the first 25 people!
For more info visit

- Amy
on our iTunes right now: The Killers' "Change Your Mind"

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