Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Dan Byers Loves OC


Our tenth installment of our month-long love letter to Orange County entitled Why We Love OC features Dan Byers, one of the masterminds behind Daddy Cakes International, the OC based bakery that is winning over hearts and minds everywhere with their way-WAY-too-good-to-be-instant-pancake, waffle, and cupcake mixes. Daddy Cakes® is a line of "Just Add Water" mixes made with quality ingredients like real fruit, whole grains, organic flour and a lot of fun! The business started as just a fun pancake breakfast of family and friends, and now there are ten out of this world flavors of pancake mixes that you can buy at Whole Foods Markets, Central Markets, online and at independent markets all over. Daddy Cakes is to the pancake world what California Pizza Kitchen is to the pizza world - a new world of endless possibilities. Here's the best part: all of the mixes are vegetarian/vegan, and three of the mixes are 100% organic. I told you Dan Byers was a mastermind. 
- Amy

So without further ado, Dan Byers' personal love letter to Orange County for being the inspiration that started it all:

[Dan proudly wielding a package of Daddy Cakes mix.]

"Each Daddy Cakes variety reminds me of Orange County:

Boomerang Banana:  Our collaboration with PAUL FRANK INDUSTRIES, a fellow OC brand, keeps our peeps coming back for more.

Sensuous Strawberry Sensations: OC's rich history of families, strawberry patches, and active lifestyle are all deeply connected

Witty Whole Wheat:  OC is a global maternity ward for witty people, ideas & creations that resonate through the roots of societies around the world.

Vivacious Vanilla:  Home to some of the most vivacious housewives ever - most are too real and classy to actually do a pseudo-"Reality Show.”

Bountiful Buckwheat Buttermilk: A crowned jewel - OC is a bountiful and plentiful blend of classic substance and buttery smooth living.

Sinful Cinnamon:  Unique and a little spicy, OC offers so many pleasures that our only sin is feeling a little guilty for how wonderfully delicious it is.

Blueberry Bonanza Blast: Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farms, and Wild Rivers, the OC is bonanza of "blastful" destinations.

Better Batter Buttermilk:  Where do we start?  OC is ripe with achievements that exponentially improve traditional designs - remember the Miata?

Glamorous Gingerbread:  The Pageant of the Masters, OC Performing Arts Center, South Coast Plaza & Fashion Island - OC knows glamour.

Criminal Chocolate Chip:  Playful lifestyles of parks, beaches, and baseball diamonds is sweet enough to have many opting to be locked behind the "Orange Curtain.”

"JUST ADD WATER":  Many of OC's brands like HURLEY, Quicksilver and VOLCOM have their roots started in OC waters - it's our special blend that defines our uniqueness."

- Dan Byers, Co-Founder of Daddy Cakes® and Creative Chef

You can find Daddy Cakes on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news!

Stay tuned for more love letters from your favorite local celebs, professionals, athletes and more right here at The OC Gazette Blog!

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