Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Loves OC


Our next installment of our month-long love letter to Orange County (entitled Why We Love OC) spotlights Jill & Gary, the power duo known as is a website created by Jill and Gary, two Southern California residents who take advantage of the unbeatable local concert calendar. With more than 60 shows a year, they know the ins and outs of getting what they want out of a show- music, memorabilia, and just plain old fun. The website was originally created to share their incredible photos with other fans, but then it took on a life of its own. Check out their latest adventures on their website, add to their fan forum, and get a glimpse at the lives of two music junkies!
Jill and Gary have been important monthly contributors to The Gazette - a friendship that started 18 months ago. Every month they give us amazing photos and tales of their concert adventures to print in the magazine for you readers. Be sure to check out's feature on the NAMM show in this month's issue of The Gazette Magazine. 

Here's what Gary & Jill (she's the one shooting the sign of the horns in the photo below) had to say about Orange County:

"What do we love about Orange County? EVERYTHING. What's not to love? Even Ozzy loves The OC!"

-Jill & GAry, Music Aficionados & Concert-Goers Extraordinaire

Ozzy Osbourne was signing his new book at the Huntington Beach Barnes & Noble on 2/3/10

Stay tuned for more OC lovin' right here on the Gazette blog!

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