Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Kyle Krone Loves OC

featuring KYLE KRONE

Our eighth installment of our month-long love letter to Orange County, the 2nd Annual "Why We Love OC," features Kyle Krone, lead singer of one of the best bands to come out of Orange County, The Shys. If you've ever been a victim of their live show, then you know the power. Every stage Kyle walks onto is soon taken seige, he at the helm of the coup d'etat. Traveling from dim lit music hall to dim lit music hall, Wayfarers in place and mic clenched firmly between white knuckles, he fearlessly leads the crowded masses of our teenage wasteland, luring them into his insurrection. Like rats under the spell of the pied piper, none within earshot of his rebel cry, earnest and melodic, can withstand the call. Mutiny and rebellion soon prevail, the rest of the world is forgotten, and rock n' roll reigns raw and undefiled. Call me a sensationalist if you will - I'm just a member of the cause! It's something you just have to experience, so join the insurrection. Kyle and the rest of The Shys are well-rooted in the Orange County music scene, and are always playing local shows. Check out their facebook or myspace for updates. Viva la rock n' roll and VIVA LA SHYS! 

- Amy

And now a word from your fearless leader on why HE loves this great county of ours:

[Mr. Kyle Krone]

"I feel very fortunate to have called San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano home my whole life and I think it has served me well as a songwriter. There has been no shortage of inspiration here at home but I think what I enjoy most is how it always feels so warm and welcoming to come back from being out of town.To return home and have this peaceful and beautiful place to write and relax with minimal distractions is something that's been very important for me. This place is sunshine. I adore it."

Kyle Krone, Lead Singer of The Shys

Stay tuned for more love letters from your favorite local celebs, professionals, athletes and more right here at the OC Gazette Blog!

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